1. “AIM is a GMO”!!! BAM!!! I’m digging on that one. Your words gave me an idea. How about putting together a “shAIM Celebrity Roast” as a counter to the so called tribunal crap they’re fond of doing where nothing is accomplished except for a few ego’s getting stroked. Invite the who’s who of blAIM mediocrity for some entertainment at their expense? Get LP linked up through Skype maybe?

    I know, I know…none of these charlatan’s would ever put themselves out there like that and they would put their die hard believers up to the task of of defending shAIM like it’s usually done. “Warriors, land defenders, chiefs & spiritual leaders” such as they are much too important to be bothered with such things. Oh well…

    • That’s an idea I could get behind, but you’re right, not of
      one of them would put in an appearance _ maybe send a drone
      to croon a few tunes and attempt to explain why the charlatans
      are deserving of a free pass.
      I’ve often thought there should be a “walk” demanding justice
      for AIM’s victims – instead of free Peltier it could be free their
      victims remains.

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