5 comments on “RESPECT

  1. We have busy with the pow wow, the little ones and many things to do but always to read and yes the way you speak of respect is true.

  2. great, without a doubt, there is no nobility or respect achieved when one strives to be a better lieing , cheating thug (to say the least) and a comment i have heard for years “we have to play their game in order to beat them” , is a pitiful trait of some peoples so called honor”

    • The same ones who say these things are the ones who go on about the inequities
      of “colonial law” while embracing it at every turn.
      They love to hear their own voice droning on about what has been stolen from
      the people while engaging in thievery of their own.
      Liars doesn’t begin to cover to it, and I believe the usage of the word apple
      when applied to them is a perfect fit.
      Among the various apple strains like MacIntosh and Granny there also exists the
      Banks, Bellecourt, Means, and Peltier varieties.

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