4 comments on “INDIAN DRAWERS

  1. Thought that product was already out there for some segments…it’s called a thong 😉

    Was a little taken aback by the Jim Beam ad for the this blog but then clicked on the explanation link.

    Thought that with alcoholism being an issue in Indian Country and elsewhere that it was not all that appropriate. But then read that you have to have a buy-out or opt-out to not have the ads shown.

    They’ve kind of reversed engineered the income process…maybe LP could try something like that. People could pay him and Harry David to just go away.

    • I don’t get the whole thong thing but assume it serves a purpose, though
      I would think an uncomfortable one.
      I don’t see the adds on this end, just a notification that they may or may
      not be attached – when I get a little of that “casino money” or “oil money” some
      think we’re all rolling in maybe I’ll upgrade.
      Suppose I could try my hand at the lottery but the concept of paying a dollar
      for a scratch off that reveals the words Loser or better luck next time, please
      try again doesn’t resonate well with me.
      I’m willing to contribute to the LP/HD buyout. LP might like Russia since he once
      went on about how eager they were to accept him – he even even they had plane fueled
      and ready to go if I’m not mistaken.
      I can’t complain about WordPress, they’re a good outfit and have
      taken public stands about net neutrality and privacy issues, but
      I certainly don’t abide by alcohol in any way shape or form.

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