2 comments on “EMPIRES AND WAR

  1. Oh yes the black robes and the black history they have made for
    our people. My first mother was the catholic and did no good for
    her, and my second is not and could not be made to be same as me.
    These black robes said my mother lived in the sin and would not
    go to their heaven.
    I do not know my father and think it is better not to and they would
    say I am illigetamate because he was not the catholic and my mother
    was not married in their church but I think they are the illigetamate

    • They indeed have a dark history, and since they preach forgiveness and
      atonement they are the ones who should be asking for it….and not the
      kind former pope John Paul bestowed on Archbishop Law of the Boston
      Archdiocese when he ignored the proposed response by the American bishops
      who drafted a one strike and you’re out policy for pedophile priests and
      said in affect forgiveness had to be part of equation, got Law out of
      reach by reassigning him to the Vatican and said the official policy
      would be three strikes.
      One molested child apparently isn’t enough, at least two more have to
      be victimized.
      There is nothing illegitimate about you or any other child.

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