4 comments on “VINTAGE LENSES

  1. If our people had the camera for the past time many the different
    story would be told and not so easy just to say sorry.

    • Can’t deny that but we have them now and they can be a game changer.

      The truth of the matter is we have not been a technology oriented people,
      utilitarians and perhaps it can even be said pragmatists has been the way
      of it.
      A further truth is whatever our level of technology was it carried us
      through untold centuries in the life we lived and were comfortable with.
      That seems to me to have a greater value than what “civilization” has
      introduced us to.
      People will read about an uncontacted tribe in the Amazon and marvel at
      the simplicity of their life, the communal spirit, and if only for a moment
      daydream about a return to Eden, then stick an earphone in their ear and
      head out to the mall tethered to a cellphone as though it were an umbilical
      cord required to sustain them to deal with the crowds, indifference, traffic,
      and congestion.
      Technology has become the master and people are ruled by it. Everything is
      predicated on “new” and the marketing strategy that accompanies it. Create
      something then create a market for it – convince consumers it is essential
      and they’ll stand in line for hours or stampede and trample each other.
      I have always said as a people we should adopt what serves us and leave
      the rest of – that’s the approach I take with what I need for work, for
      photography, and in fact for life.
      We’re in this day and age whether we like it or not and need to make the best
      of it, especially if we are to be competitive in the work force and elevate
      ourselves out of an imposed generational poverty – but there’s a huge difference
      between adaptation and assimilation.
      I’m willing to adapt but not to become another brick in the wall.

    • I’ve been hearing some rumblings about this as well the last few days.
      If so doesn’t surprise me as there are numerous unanswered questions,
      some voiced here and others elsewhere.
      There seems to a revolving door at LPDOC and one can only wonder if
      this portends another “purge”.
      From a strategic viewpoint I thought from the beginning that bringing
      Hill into the fold was a bad move – if the rumor is true it will be
      interesting to see how it is spun.

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