4 comments on “TOO MUCH TO EXPECT

  1. Yes, if it is to be humanitarian and justice help the little ones
    who need this. Let this one Redford make the movie about them
    and the shoes they walk in instead of to say he dos not know if
    Peltier is guilty but prison is the bad place and so dos not matter.

    • Well put but not likely to happen. In lieu of that maybe Redford
      would like to make a public statement acknowledging that the Mr.X
      tale as included in his “movie” was pure BS.
      Doubt that will happen either though as it could have the effect
      of raising doubts about the entire presentation.
      I wonder if Democracy Now has ever raised the issue of the non
      existent Mr.X ?
      Or if “troubadors” have ever written a song about him? Why not
      a fundraiser for X, he’s no less a fictional character than the
      one that has been created for Peltier.

  2. Here’s another angle. Maybe if Clinton issued Executive Clemency or Peltier was paroled he wouldn’t need to raise funds for legal fees? If he were free maybe he’d be right beside you raising funds for the very causes that you’re speaking about? If he wasn’t indeed a “political prisoner,” he certainly would have been free by now. I tried with Trimbach to do a debate tour for expenses paid and monies going to help those in need. Leonard was all for it but Trimbach was too selfish and wanted that F.B.I blood money all for himself. Maybe the ‘justice” dept was/is too busy with other “cover-ups,” to do right by Peltier?

    • If the feds can be shown to be complicit in OKC then heads should roll, but here’s where we’ll part company again – AIM has been shown to have committed murders and ransacking the entire village during WK2, yet you won’t apply the same standard of accounability to them.
      As to Trimbach’s fees the back story on that you fail to mention is he asked for the same fee Churchill does – do you consider Churchill’s fee over the top?
      Personally I don’t think anyone is worth thousands of dollars to put in an appearance – when there is so much need and inequity I think it is both outrageous and gluttinous that the Clinton’s receive a quarter of a million dollars to stand before an audience droning on.
      Equally outrageous that Bank’s charged a fee to show up at Vern Traversies rally….but “maybe” you want to qualify that with he pays his daughters utilities as you did in your attempt to validate Crow Dog selling ceremonies.
      A lot of possible “maybes” – maybe if Peltier hadn’t went on for decades about the truth of the non existent Mr. X, him being such a stand up guy and brother other things he says might be better received.
      Maybe if he hadn’t boasted about “shooting the mfer” he would come across as having a measure of integrity.
      Maybe if he actually was received at Small Boys camp while on the run as the most popular guy in camp as he likes to go on about he wouldn’t have been given up.
      Maybe if Crow Dog and Banks weren’t selling our beliefs and ceremonies to anyone and everyone with the money to pay they would remain intact.
      Maybe if AIM hadn’t done everything it could to co opt and marginalize the traditional leadership people would have acted upon the Oyate statement of ’99 as linked below.
      Yeah, a lot of maybes – like maybe if the people would have stuck a foot in the AIM leaderships ass and run them off things would have been better.
      What I do for the people or for an individual I never talk about, I don’t boast about it or add it to a resume – on the basis of that alone I doubt Peltier and I could have ever worked side by side.
      And how about your boy Hill, any word on that you’re allowed to speak, is he in or out?


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