6 comments on “LENSES AND CAMERAS

  1. your right about skill & honesty with the ole 35 mm Cameras. i still have my old gear, & will keep it for now. But as an aging woman, i like the digital SLR’s. Sometimes the internal stabilizer is a good thing for me. i keep the camera working, self help, keeps me focusing on the beauty………
    i had a pentax it is good. & gifted it too my sister, i think she pawned it, 😦

    • Digital cameras led to an explosion in photography and that’s a good thing.
      Kodak developed the technology and produced the first one in ’74 or ’76, they
      could have been a powerhouse in that part of the industry but apparently went
      in other directions, though they did produce a few digital cameras – now they’re
      mainly selling patents and suing others for infringement to keep afloat.
      There are advantages to dslrs and I haven’t a thing against them, the internal
      stabilizer is a brilliant concept as is auto focus.
      I’m something of a tactile person and probably the reason I like the old cameras,
      kind of like a raccoon – I’ve watched them get a sense of something by examining
      it with their “hands”, turning it over and over, poking here and poking there.
      The work I do is very hands on, and over time you develop a sense of feel for things,
      that probably has led to my turning things over and over.
      Don’t blame you for hanging on to your old gear, not easy to give up on an old friend.

  2. Just a comment but a P.I. friend of mine had an investigation for Exxon. They sued Minolta over the Maxum name because it originally was spelled with two staggered x’s; Maxxum. Exxon (yes the oil giant) won. So if anyone comes across a Maxxum at a garage sale or flea market for $3, grab it…it could be worth a lot more…

    • Kind of a sad commentary about modern society, and with Exxon’s money
      and connections little wonder they “won”.
      An interesting bit of trivia I wasn’t aware of – from this day forward
      if I ever need to refer to that Minolta model I will do so as Maxxum
      with the crossed X’s if I can figure how to do it on the keyboard.

  3. The first 35mm SLR I ever bought was a Spotmatic SPII that I picked up at a garage sale for $5.00 and I don’t think I’ve ever topped it so far, I just love the look of that Takumar lens, definitely want more of them! What a great collection you have, I’m jealous.

    • The Spotmatics kind of stand alone in my opinion and wisdom to
      grab one as you did, especially at that price.
      For a while in view of the age I was expecting that mine would
      develop some sort of problem – light leaks or inaccurate metering,
      but that hasn’t been the case.
      A friend gave me a Nikon f100 a while ago that the clips on the
      film back were broken on since 2006, something common to that model
      as the clips were made of plastic in an otherwise tank like
      Apparently Nikon had decided not to supply repair shops and cameras
      in need of repairs had to be sent to them with a minor repair such as this
      addressed by changing the film back taking weeks and hundreds of
      He attempted to continue using it with a large rubber band wrapped around
      the camera but became so disgusted he set it on the shelf and went digital.
      The f100 is an extremely highly regarded slr and visionary when first
      As luck would have it I found an f100 in very poor condition, the battery compartment heavily corroded and the entire camera dinged up, but the film back was perfect – three dollars and I was on my way.
      Switched the backs and the camera works fine, on paper when comparing features
      and specs it far exceeds the Spotmatic but I rarely use it and almost
      always reach for the Spotmatic.
      It’s been a journey collecting the taks but the wait has always been worth
      it, and they do have a distinctive feel accompanied by an optical excellence
      that lends itself to a trusting relationship.
      There are several “vintage” Olympus OM mounts and even Vivitar lenses
      floating around that are “primes” and can be had cheaply, Yashicas and
      Chinons as well if a person does the hunter/gatherer thing and scouts
      People are starting to catch on though and I’ve noticed a reflection of
      that while roaming the net.
      Thanks for the comment and keep your eyes peeled for bargains- enjoyed
      your site.

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