8 comments on “ONCE WERE GLORIOUS

  1. yep, a new set of shoe laces is much more economical at times, then again , there comes a time when new laces are not doing much good anymore , as in the photo of these shoes 🙂

    • Yeah, beyond the shoe lace stage and why I was thinking about duct tape,
      but as I said “the look” prevailed and led to some bantering about the
      possibilities of super glue or maybe staples.

  2. Of all inanimate objects in my life, shoes are hard to let go. With all the walking/hitch hiking I’ve done they’ve become a necessary part of me. Not a fetishist, just loyal to what gets me here and there.

  3. I first saw a wooden-handled hammer, then a red screwdriver, so I don’t fall within their normal, either. Lol.

    • Maybe a little subliminal on my part as I use Estwing hammers, they have a blue
      grip – either way though I’m comfortable with who I am.
      These sort of associations are kind of fascinating, and I wonder what it really
      says when 98% of those who take the test come up with the same answer?

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