7 comments on “COME TO THINK OF IT

    • Been through that myself, and the worst is an indigenous person who has been
      “saved” and then wants to characterize our beliefs as demonic.
      I make an effort to respect the beliefs of others as and if such respect is
      warranted, but suffer no attempts to proselytize.

      • Pretty much the same for me. I bother others not a bit and expect the same in-kind, but attempts to ‘convert’ me meet the darker side of my nature.

        6’3 of angry brunette sobers such folks up quick. 😉

      • Well, my Grandfather was Norse, so I get to thank him for rhe height.
        It’s handy when grocery shopping. 🙂
        Especially for Eldeers who need help with top-shelf things 🙂

      • I remember a time when I took an elder to the store, aged and
        stooped from the years, had to be assisted in and out of the
        truck and held my arm as we shopped.
        There was an article she wanted on a shelf but couldn’t reach,
        and looking a little saddened by that reality said then was a time
        when she could have and asked if I would get it for her.
        On an impulse I put my arm around her waist and gently lifted her
        so she could and she lit up like a ray a of sunshine, then hugged me
        and hiding her face in what I assume was embarrassment at her words
        said it felt good to be held by a man, that it had been years and she
        had almost forgotten.
        Broke my heart.
        As is the way of some stores they had a display of flowers, small bouquets
        to purchase, so I picked one out and gave it to her – she said no
        one had ever given her flowers before and I responded someone should have
        but the world is full of fools and then took her for a banana split.
        Her words haunted me for a while and still do to a degree in recalling
        them – we don’t live in a perfect world and never will, but sometimes
        the inequities and needs of others are all too glaring.

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