9 comments on “A SMALL VICTORY

    • Grandparents play an important role in every culture I believe,
      sad in “modern” ones they are at times shunted off to “rest homes”
      and seen as a burden.
      Experiencing the absence of grandparents I’m sure inspires you to be
      the best possible in that role you can be.
      Yes, an incredible human being…..and more. Grandmothers likewise
      with different attributes and what they bring to the table, a part of
      the balance.

    • Most of the nations languages can be written nowadays thru various
      alphabets – an option would exist through transcription if necessary
      to be written in any language.

  1. A good story about the grandfather and says many good things, but we think it says good things about you to.

  2. I love to hear people talk about their ancestors. All of my grandparents were born in the 1880s or 90s and I was lucky enough to know three of them. That connection to their lives is wonderful for me. My father was a carpenter, which was one of his many skills. As was his father, who died before I was born. My great-grandfather, also a carpenter, was born in 1831. Four generations spanning 124 years. That always blows me away. As a girl, I remember being fascinated by the old wooden planes my father had hanging up along the walls in his workshop. Good memories. Keep em’ comin’.

    • Great grandfather, grandfather, and father, a generational continuity of skill,
      something I respect.
      I have a couple of old wooden planes, mostly I just admire them , but sometimes I get
      in the mood to build something sans power tools and will use them, they feel good,
      and honest – always makes me wonder what stories they could tell if they had the ability.
      If I am half the man grandfather is when I reach his age I’ll feel as though as I accomplished something.

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