1. LOL!, this one prompted an old memory, was doorman for a sweat, and as the “so called spiritual person” came out , he stumbled and his bundle unrolled at my feet, it’s contents were quite surprising (to say the least), as he looked up , it was as if he had seen a ghost, he then scurried along trying to clean up the mess he had made, never met the guy prior to that date, was a fill in for the nite, did not want to see that “nut case” again, and fortunate not to have.

    as i reflect back and consider CrowDog doing such the same, there is no doubt in my mind , he would be picking up broken glass , both from his shot glass and flask 🙂

  2. Considering the gravity of Crow Dogs position and responsibilities undoubtedly
    said flask would be filled with “holy water” – the “spiritual person” you mention
    may have been an underling of CD’s or doing graduate at CD’s “University of
    the Universe” as Means referred to it.

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