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  1. Mind if I run some copies off and post them wherever shAIMless GGC crap is posted? I’ve noticed an upswing in blAIM related junk on the bulletin boards around here. Truth must be told and the blind followers that think AIM created earth need a wake up call.

    • Not at all Wade, feel free any time.
      Nice turn of a phrase – blind followers thinking AIM created
      the earth, with the truth being anathema to that.

  2. I will be posting this too…if that is OK. Too many out there only know of what is flooding the gates right now. Facebook,etc.

  3. Of those featured in the rogues gallery above Carter Camp has passed on as
    well – and while there’s nothing currently available to link Peltier to the murder
    of Annie Mae and he wasn’t at WK2, the fact remains that following his boasting
    in front of others that he had indeed at least shot one of the agents at Jumping
    Bull and was Banks security slash gofer suspicions of some measure of knowledge or complicity aren’t unfounded.
    Following the now infamous Oregon RV stop where both Banks and Peltier fled
    like rabbits leaving Annie and a pregnant kamook behind his bragging to Annie
    was undoubtedly seen as a possible threat.
    That would be a threat to Peltier and by extrapolation AIM and Banks. Peltier
    is a viable suspect when taking into consideration he had previously “interrogated”
    Annie at gunpoint – he was also part of the same crew that interrogated Minnie
    Two Shoes, and he has stated that the majority of the time he was on the run he
    was in the U.S. and in contact with people….kind of tells a story doesn’t it?
    Imagine what the present might be like if our true warrior ancestors had fled leaving
    women behind to fend for themselves when confronted. Quite possible none of us
    would be here today.
    Inspite of the the cobbled together myth and attempted makeover Peltier was never
    an AIM leader or founder, he was in fact nicknamed Dumb as Dirt. That kind of tells
    a story as well doesn’t it?

    • Yes Leslie, I’m aware of the varied aspects of Peltier’s case, also how the truth
      has been manipulated to portray the arrest warrant for Jimmy Eagle as being singularly about a pair of “old boots” ignoring the fact that it involved assault with a deadly weapon upon the owner and his companion along with kidnapping and physical beatings.
      I’m sure you’re aware of this as well but for whatever reasons choose to ignore it.
      You must also choose to ignore Peltier’s interrogation of Annie at gunpoint, also that of Minnie Two Shoes.
      Have you forgotten or chosen to ignore that Robideau had enough of the “myth” and left LPDOC? Or that attorneys seem to follow the same pattern?
      Do you also ignore the multiple lies Peltier has been caught in, those archived in video interviews where he drones on about “knowing” who Mr.X is, what a stand up guy
      he is but won’t reveal his identity? The same Mr. X Peltier attorney Kuzma outed as being non existent.
      A real classic is where he denies ever even so much as going down to view the slain agents and then when advised his cousin Robideau placed him there he halting stumbles around admitting it.
      Take a look in the following blog, Leonard Peltier’s Own Words, and see if you’re willing to ignore them as well.
      For years it was Peltier was an “innocent man”, now as more has come to light and it’s become a hard sell it’s all about judicial misconduct. Kind of says something doesn’t it?
      If the truth is important to you and you would like for everything to be revealed, then join me in calling for Peltier to sign off on his parole board hearing and disciplinary records so they can become a part of the public record….after all, if you’re going to support him don’t you have a right to know? Doesn’t everyone? Haven’t you ever wondered why he won’t, what he’s hiding?
      I’ve said throughout this blog I want anyone with any measure of complicity for the events at Jumping Bull held to account. I want everyone with any measure of complicity in the murder of Annie Mae Pictou Aquash held to account. I want everyone with any measure of complicity in the murder of Perry Ray Robinson and others by the hand of AIM at WK2 held account, and I don’t give a damn who it is…fed, Dennis Banks, Peltier, Crow Dog, AIM, or anyone else.
      How about you – is your desire for justice such that you feel the same?
      And a final question – do you think it too much to ask that LPDOC/ILPDC open their books since they’re always begging for money?
      Peltier signed an affidavit so it must be true? That’s like saying Pinocchio never told a lie.

      The below excerpt is so predictable it isn’t even funny- a subtle hint that Konisberg is yet another “operative”, the Times an agent provocateur maybe?
      Did you know that Mathiessen had CIA ties at least during one point in his life – or that Russell Means sought the CIA’s backing related to his South American ventures? Those are facts – not speculation, not misdirection and begs the question in Means case what was this mighty “warrior” doing attempting to hang around the CIA fort?
      Justice and healing will begin with AIM getting off the rez
      and when ILPDC quits trying to associate Peltier with Annie Mae.

      “During that same meeting at USP Coleman last January, we discussed and speculated what the response might be by the FBI, federal government and anti- Peltier forces, to both the historic visit by Professor Anaya, and the ongoing campaign for Executive Clemency from President Obama.
      One speculation was that there might be an ad, or article against Leonard Peltier in the major news media, not unlike the anti-Peltier piece placed in the Washington Post in November of 1999 by members of the FBI. Truth and reconciliation in Indian Country will remain impossible until the United States government releases long withheld information on the murder of Anna Mae, and the fraudulent prosecution, conviction and incarceration of Leonard Peltier. Clemency for Mr. Peltier will be a major step towards justice and healing.”

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