9 comments on “GOT SUNDANCE ?

  1. What the hell is this? Is it some bid for for an Esquire/Rolling Stone magazine feature? A glossy 8×10 for his unknowing fans and media outlets like Democracy Now?

    The caption should read “Megwetch to one & all you suckers!”

    • I think it’s intended for one of those advance posters announcing the circus
      is coming to town. Wouldn’t make a bad Wanted poster either.
      Could be the opening move from that dance of the sixties or seventies called
      The Hustle.

    • Been some dancing around about that for a while – a natural if you’re
      into AIM, and maybe a little showboating as well.
      During a conversation with Denise when the focus was her mother CIR said his focus was all about the youth……maybe Graham is younger than we think.
      Personally I don’t believe Clarence Darrow could get Graham off, but I
      guess in some cases there are those who may think any press is good press.

  2. I still believe that that the five-star General of the Army pin is an insult to every man and woman who served their country in peace and war. Makes me at least regurgitate and equate it to Hanoi Jane.

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