4 comments on “POSITIVES ?

  1. Tim Giago recalls Wounded Knee 1973 with this story: “Kovach had rented a car from Hertz in Rapid City. He knew that if he told the car rental agency that he was going to the Pine Ridge Reservation they would not have rented him a car so he told them he was doing a travel piece on Mount Rushmore. He drove the car, filled with other reporters, in and out of Wounded Knee for about a week. Joe Trimbach, the FBI Agent in Charge, allowed Kovach and the other reporters to enter the village.

    One freezing day as he drove across the bridge at Wounded Knee, the rental car hit a patch of ice and skidded off of the bridge landing on its top in the dry creek bed. No one was hurt. Kovach asked AIM leader Russell Means to keep an eye on the car until he could get a tow truck there. Means said, “Sure, I promise. Don’t worry about it.” The next day when Kovach got back with the wrecker only the burned out skeleton of the car remained. “It had been stripped of everything including the motor,” Kovach said.

    As he was sorrowfully looking at the remains of his rental car, Russell Means approached. Kovach said, “I thought you were going to keep an eye on my car.” Means replied, “Oh, I forgot.” Kovach pondered the frightening prospect of being forever banned from ever renting another car from Hertz. “

    • Means had what is commonly referred to as a “convenient memory”.
      Something he shared with his cohorts like Banks and Camp when it
      came to troubling questions – it is a form of taking the fifth which
      they are seasoned veterans at.
      If the car was stripped no doubt Means auctioned off the parts.

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