1. Since Judge Benson chose to omit this the first time, I’ll start with this:

    While your concern is with “Teflon Dave,” mine is with “Teflon Joe,” meaning the elder Trimbach ( the one that “Senator” Demain diligently holds the mic for). He’s caught blatantly lying in court, under oath, about an illegal wire tap that he ok’d in Wounded Knee and on having knowledge of and communicating with F.B.I mole, Doug Durham. The case is dismissed but mysteriously no perjury trial is to follow? I guess Federal agents are immune to such things? Then it comes to Jumping Bull time and it seems that “Old Joe,” is the orchestrator of a botched plan. BIA agent Stoldt flees the scene in fear of his life by the FBI. Apparently, it was arranged that the BIA, backed by Stoldt would back up Coler and Williams in their invasion of Jumping Bull but the back up didn’t make it in time? Stoldt flees in fear of his life. Trimbach is let go from his post of SAC in charge the next day but there is no further investigation? In a public email discussion with the fabled Mr. Ed, former FBI agent Wesley Swearingen says to Woods, ” If you want to help the families of Coler and Williams then why don’t you encourage them to bring a wrongful death suit against the Bureau?” Good question. If they did, certainly, Trimbach himself would have been one of the targets. Next, Trimbach is disparaged when his Grand daughter is presented with his wrong doings in school so he sets out to write a “book” to set the record straight. No reputable publisher would come anywhere’s near it in that it’s filled with half truths and hearsay accounts presented as facts. Although certain anti-AIM crusaders take it it on as some kind of bible no one from without these circles takes it too seriously. When Joe’s “snot nose,” son and co-author, “John Boy, ” is confronted by the lawyer Kuzma about the omission of an alleged provocateur named, Frank Blackhorse,” in the book he gets really defensive. Could it be that Trimbach himself handled Blackhorse? If so, that would make him culpable for any crimes that Blackhorse committed. This would include his alleged shooting of Ray Robinson. Is Trimbach ever investigated? No. Blackhorse is roaming around as a free man in Canada while Trimbach and his snot nosed son cruise the debate tour demanding to make 10 g’s at each stop to capitalize on the suffering of Leonard Peltier and the over 60 murdered with FBI ammo and weapons by the GOON squad during the Reign of Terror. “Teflon Joe,” indeed.

    • Not my job or inclination to defend either Trimbach and you’ll be hard pressed to
      provide an example where I have.
      DeMain isn’t a senator yet but it will be a good day for the nations and the people
      of his district if elected- an almost unheard of statement for me related to any
      I have a friend working on a book, his intent is to self publish, the photo book
      I’ve alluded to will be self published,and if you look on the net that is becoming
      a growing trend – hardly seems an across the board qualifier to me, but I understand
      your need to grasp at straws….it’s what you do.
      But don’t you find it kind of peculiar that for all your rants about the Trimbachs
      and their book American Indian Mafia it is listed among others as source material by
      Hendricks and various authors?
      Would it help you to understand if I asked a Polish friend to translate the words
      “I don’t care who it is I want everyone with any complicity in the events this blog
      addresses held to account”? Are you even able to steel yourself and say the same?
      If “joe” or Hill are Teflon clad they should stripped of it- as should Banks and the
      rest of the rat pack.
      Tales of grand daughters true or false should be left out these types of exchanges,
      they are neither principals in these events or need to be dragged into it.
      “Apparently it was arranged” – care to verify that statement? Or is it one of those
      “it felt like” statements?
      Now, I keep saying anyone, that would include your boy Hill, want to man up and say
      the same? Aren’t you running a little low on those cans of Teflon spray and free passes
      you issue? Do you get “reimbursed” for them as “out of pocket expenses”?
      As to the 10g’s, will you ever be able to bring yourself to refer to it
      contextually? You know that bit about if Churchill can somehow command 10g’s
      then others should as well? As I’ve stated before I don’t believe anyone is
      worth 10g’s to stand before an audience and talk.
      Could Trimbach have “handled” Blackhorse? As much a possibility as anything
      else and would be interesting to find out.
      Who do you think handled Hill – Trimbach, Zigrossi, Price, or someone higher up?
      Since Russell attempted to hang around the CIA fort seeking their blessing and
      assistance for his staged South American ventures
      do you think he may have introduced Hill to his CIA buds, or maybe the reverse?
      What about AIM’s CPUSA connections, the money and support, think there was any
      handling or influence as a result?
      You believe for a moment that communist doctrine is part of our heritage as a
      people? Is that what your proclaimed “firekeeper” status has led you to believe?
      Or something Crow Dog has taught you?
      You want to go on about Nazi’s but haven’t a word to say about communists? Not even
      in light of your Polish heritage and the suffering they endured?
      I imagine there are communist groups in Poland, you okay with that, think they’re
      “warriors” and Liberators”?
      If not then you need to get a grip as we as a people don’t believe they or their
      AIM “toadies” are either.
      My “concern” isn’t as shallow as as the one you evidence, it runs much deeper.
      Nice but feeble attempt re the “alleged shooting of Ray Robinson”, not a single
      doubt exists that he was and then left to bleed out and die, or that your boy
      Crow Dog is the official grave keeper. Or that Banks knew of it and gave the order
      to hide the body.
      Here’s something for you to speculate about – if you allow any possibility exists
      that Hill rolled over do you think being in the bosom of ILPDC is advantageous? If
      so for whom? Yeah I know, you’ll skip addressing that as you do the vast majority
      of things.
      Whoever handled Blackhorse is culpable to some degree, but then that would also apply
      to Graham and the abductors and murderers of Annie wouldn’t it? Culpable would apply
      to the AIM leaderships for the murders they authored within WK2 as well wouldn’t
      And how about those who confronted Ray, those involved in the shooting, subsequent
      hidden grave, and continue to remain silent? Think they’re culpable? Culpable as in
      being the actual physical perpetrators, those present.
      An invasion of Jumping Bull? An invasion consisting of two men and the ongoing attempts
      to spin it by AIM and you? Do you have any idea how retarded it sounds to even suggest
      that two men armed with short barrelled sidearms launched an “invasion”?
      No botched plan exists, only botched AIM attempts to alter the reality as they continue
      to pander and suck up to Peltier as a misdirection and for fear if they don’t he might
      just spill a few beans if they abandon him.
      If that doesn’t qualify as artificial ignorance I don’t know what does.

  2. I believe the Grand Daughter quote is fair game because they were Joe Trimbach’s own words taken from an interview. I didn’t mean ti imply that the Grandaughter herself is culpable. She isn’t named so I see nothing wrong with sharing the truth about Trimbach’s motivations:

    Why did you feel compelled to write this book and what do you hope readers would take away from it?


    I had always wondered how the history of the 1973 Wounded Knee occupation was recorded. I had my doubts, but had not paid much attention to it. A few years ago, I found out how bad it was. My granddaughter e-mailed me to say she was reading a book assigned in class which said some pretty nasty things about her grandfather. That got me started writing a short story about what really happened at Wounded Knee.

    • Fair enough then, and not surprised you’ve avoided any other response
      than this limited one.
      Personally I believe the AIM leadership and their cohorts are “fair game”
      and will continue to address them as such.

  3. Used an online translator, first time doing so – don’t know how accurate they
    are but hope this clarifies things for you SB.

    JA don’t troszczyć się który to jest JA potrzeba każdy rezygnować wszelki
    współudział w ten wypadki ten blog addresses trzymał wobec uważać.

  4. The Trimbach book is not a bible to me but it did provide insight from another perspective that was sorely needed. There are those of us in Ndn country who know what shAIM was and is and we don’t need wannabes & blind media to sell us on the lies. Holtzman, come to where I live and I will give you a tour and can introduce you to others that know truth about the scum you defend.

    As for the Trimbach’s…I have no problem with them. I’ve met them both and respect their right to have their say. I know good character and Joe seemed to me to be a man haunted by a past that would be somewhat eased by writing American Indian Mafia. He was caught between two warring factions-the Assholes in Moccasins and the bullshitters of Washington D.C.. A fight through media that still doesn’t acknowledge the victims left in its wake.

    • It isn’t to me either, But I believe it has as much relevance as any
      other, and decidedly more than some.

      “He was caught between two warring factions-the Assholes in Moccasins and
      the bullshitters of Washington D.C..A fight through media that still doesn’t
      acknowledge the victims left in its wake.”

      Well said Wade, and I would only add neither side able to claim a higher
      moral ground.

  5. SB – re your latest spam attempts to link your way out of answering a direct question I’ll
    reply with the below.

    Yes, how very gracious of you – now would you be gracious enough to respond to the questions
    asked of you?
    I have a friend who is Polish, she’s a hellraising, ass kicking, name taking person when it
    comes to social justice and environmental issues. And like me at one time, as in former,
    a Peltier supporter – in her case, as in mine, and a growing number of others, the adage “you
    can fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time” speaks
    A serious problem AIM and Peltier have to increasingly contend with – the trend now seems to
    be acknowledging that both sides screwed up, but rather than say it exonerates one or the
    other the opposite is true…..both have some “splaining” to do.
    So if you want to comment stay on point, the days when you could avoid doing so are over.
    If you would like to respond to Wade’s invitation that’s fine, but don’t attempt to pervert
    it into an attempt to wedge into the usual links and avoid responding in a direct and personal
    If you do I’ll merely forward it and then delete from the spam bin.

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