9 comments on “SOLD DOWN THE RIVER

  1. I believe as a non all inclusive generalization that people have become philosophically
    and idealistically lazy – inert may be a better word.
    Willing to ignore the obvious or principles for the sake of “convenience”, or “fast”.
    Personally I don’t think there is anything convenient about acid rain, smog, polluted
    ground water, GMO’s. pesticides or for that matter anything Monsanto produces.
    Nor any other related issue that can be laid at the door of corporations like Chevron
    or their political minions.
    A debt is coming due and while one percenters may be able to somewhat mitigate that on
    a personal level due to their wealth and privilege, neither you, I, or the overwhelming
    percentage of the global population will be able to.
    Some loser goes into a convenience store, pulls a gun or a knife and robs them of a couple
    of hundred dollars – if caught they will do some serious time.
    Corporations routinely commit dozens if not hundreds of crimes and at best will pay some
    fine or settlement in which they are allowed not to admit guilt.
    Their crimes are committed against every man, woman, and child on this planet -you, your
    family, friends, and even casual acquaintances are a targeted victim, as though a “contract”
    has been issued with your name on it.
    Do you still buy into the election mantra trotted out every election cycle of “change”,
    of being ably represented? If so I’d say you’ve validated my initial contention.

  2. Didn’t plan to read a lengthy article on the environment and legal battles on this Sunday morning but did find it interesting and compelling. As troubling as the whole mess is from many perspectives there’s always both sides of the story to consider, “Evidence submitted to Kaplan’s court during the RICO trial make clear that throughout the evidence-gathering process, both sides distrusted the other, worried about the results, and took steps to shade the results in their favor.” Seems there’s enough of that to go around and big corporations have the edge with tons of oil-dollars paid to attorneys (they’re the ones getting over with controversies like this…What was it that even way back when?…Shakespeare said, the first thing we’ll do is kill all the lawyers: They knew even then.) But, aside from a mess like this, and what efforts we (the U.S.) take to be good stewards and environmental custodians, what about the rest of the world’s contribution? Not much from what I’ve seen or understand. A billion Chinese with a communist government or a billion more Indians could care less about the global environment as long as it doesn’t affect their own economy and survival. I know that’s pretty general statement but that’s how it feels…

    • I tend to look at it as if the U.S. is the global leader and champion it
      presents itself as then it should be setting the example – as I understand
      it the U.S. is second only to China when it comes to the emission of green house
      gases and pollutants….a country with roughly a sixth of the population
      China has.
      Inevitably every nation on the face of this planet will have their economy and
      survival greatly impacted by what is occurring today and over the last few
      decades…..that’s the long view, and commonsense would dictate corporate
      polluters be treated as criminals – no deals, no pandering, no loophole
      filled legislation, no slap on the wrist fine.
      Go after the CEO’s and decision makers, and then let it be a trickle down
      approach – if you work in any capacity for such a company and are personally
      involved in the dumping of toxins or violating environmental laws then
      understand you’re going down too, no if’s, ands, or buts about it.
      Think about it for a moment – the hounds can be set loose on somebody
      like Martha Stewart with no expense or effort spared but Chevron can have their way.
      If Stewart committed a crime it didn’t impact entire populations as those of corporations do, so where’s the “justice”?
      An obstacle is that real change would require some measure of “sacrifice”,
      that’s something the majority of people think is fine for the other guy
      but not for them.

  3. Hope and belief that a shift is coming is the fuel I live on. Waking people up to what they have in common is a tough sell but necessary if our kids are to have something to live for. If enough people take a part of what matters to them in their respective communities then things can get better.

    It’s time to take the elected/self appointed few on both sides of the fence out of power and put it into all our hands. The greed of the few needs to be put in check. Whether for or against, these chumps are living large and hedging their bets on a continually apathetic populace.

    • It will require some measure of personal “sacrifice” as I stated in another
      response to comment – there exists a sense of entitlement in this country and
      elsewhere that precludes that, accompanied by a nebulous belief or desire that
      the government or science will come to the rescue – that “hallowed”
      Hollywood Calvary charge.
      The can is only capable of being kicked so far down the road and it’s about to dead end.
      When that point is reached I don’t believe there will be a cul de sac to make a u turn and reverse course.
      Government is always portrayed at least in this country as being representative, when you consider all things, the greed, the avarice, the meism, the apathy, it may very will be exactly that.

  4. Fracking is another horror story. Even when I share info in FB, only two or three people respond. I guess they will have to have drill trucks pull up in the yard next to them for several months and have their ground water polluted to say something. No one responded to this story I put up. http://thinkprogress.org/climate/2014/09/29/3573449/west-virginia-to-frack-ohio-river/ On the flip side, I continue to talk. I’ve encountered several people on the bus who never even heard of fracking. It was my pleasure to try to briefly give them some vital information.

    • Thanks for the link – fracking is something everyone needs to be
      aware of and confront.
      I think sometimes the lack of response is due to the truth of
      what is presented, deniers know their defense makes them low hanging
      fruit and believers agree, but may be so overwhelmed they don’t know
      what to say – then there are those who think if they ignore the
      problem it will either go away or others will deal with it.
      As long as you talk or blog people will hear and read, you may never
      know the impact you make but the truth will always plant a few seeds
      among the weeds and that makes it worthwhile.

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