4 comments on “SOMETHING OF A GOOF

  1. Sia is one of those dogs that “grins”, she also vocalizes. By that I mean she will display her teeth while wagging her tail at times.
    Not a menacing display of fangs more of a smile like one that crosses a persons face when they are amused or happy.
    This is usually accompanied by various “comments”, a variety of sounds she makes – not barks, just an assortment of “words” strung together as though a sentence.
    Dogs display body language and even expressions, and in my opinion are
    capable of complex emotions.
    Sometimes I’ll look at Sia and begin to do Darth Vadar, a sign of things to come – she’ll do her you really think you want some of this display of fangs and her body language will change, it’s part of the game we both recognize.
    To look at her you’d think she’s ready to go for my throat, but as I
    say merely a part of the game.
    Once after having done the Vadar heavy breathing and that classic line of I am your father I’ll raise my arms over my head and begin approaching her doing the Frankenstein walk, stiff legged and listing side to side- when I get within about ten feet or so it becomes too much and she bolts with me in hot pursuit.
    We take turns chasing each other – any obstacle that could impede progress is hurdled or circumvented.
    If I make a sudden turn or reversal she does likewise and becomes the pursuer, something we may do several times and ultimately results in one or the other being caught and a wrestling match.
    She’s a great ally during those winter snowball fights, willing to acrobatically leap to catch incoming in her mouth, though in her excitement she may shred some of the arsenal I’ve stockpiled.
    If my adversaries attempt to mount a charge, she, winter, and hotame will meet them half way grabbing a pant leg or jacket sleeve to impede their progress, or even better pull them to the ground allowing me to release a barrage and count coup.
    This is usually accompanied by shrieks and howls of “unfair”, but also unrestrained laughter, I tend to view it as the vagaries of war and the benefits of alliance building.

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