3 comments on “WAR MEMORIALS

  1. A friend and I were talking about this, kind of kicking it around and conjecturing
    in a half hearted way how such a memorial could come to be.
    Maybe Congress could pass a “Bill”, apropriate the necessary funding and launch
    such an effort as a public works project – maybe an independent Indiegogo drive
    by some “last real Indians”, maybe AIM could seize upon it as a “fund raising” vehicle
    and further enrich the one percenter leadership.

    If so they might select the location they buried their WK2 victims as the construction
    site to further insure exhumation wouldn’t take place since no “actor” has stepped
    forward to purchase the land, spirit away the remains, and then gift it back as Crow Dog
    so wistfully hoped for.
    If an attempt at exhumation were made they could claim it to be a sacred site in the hopes
    that all hell would break loose.
    The only viable option at least for the present is the comment made above, to build
    such a memorial in our hearts and the hearts of the nations children – the only cost
    associated with that is the blood of those who gave their all, and no monetary value can
    be assigned to that.

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