1. It would be best if you simply provide a copy of these statements which you are claiming I said. Sharing the copy will help clarify. As I recall, we were discussing the Looking Cloud trial. Agent Price was there. So was I. I approached him in the courtroom. His quiet, strange demeanor about being the only witness for the DEFENSE of Looking Cloud was reported/noted. What agent Price said UNDER OATH is in the trial transcripts, which i secured and was certain to have posted ONLINE. They are still available for all to read.

    A writer presents a picture of a scene s/he is covering. Acting like a “moving picture” for others to get a sense of what is happening. You bet a writer can state that a ‘feeling’ is present. A feeling of remorse, of fear or even bliss. That is why we write. To give a reader things which they are not immediately privy too.

    ANd please do share the posts to which you reference. Regarding our chat about Price. I would be happy to clarify/dialogue further with you about it, all.

    antoinette nora

    • More than happy to and will go through the archives, you specifically stated at one point
      that Price admitted it – the link I provided that you referenced may not be it but as I say, it is archived and I will post it.
      And indeed what Price said under oath is in the transcripts, perhaps you could point it out to readership…this admission.

  2. I searched the thread you linked in your “feeling” piece. If you read closely I am discussing why I feel something is a FACT. Nothing about feelings AS fact.

    And though it is legitimate for writers to offer a sense of what is going down on the emotional level (my earlier post), in the discussion about Price, we were sorting FACTS from your FICTION.

    HERE, is what I wrote about Price, on YOUR page (linked above). WHY in the WORLD would this comment bother you and your cohorts? One has to wonder. Why don’t you want to believe the FBI threatened AIM’s lives? FBI Agent Price threatened Anne Mae Aquash’s life. Everyone knows this. HE himself NEVER denied it. Here’s what I wrote. We could as easily insert the word BELIEVE. In the sentence “I feel”. Yes, I believe David Price’s death threat to Annie Mae is a fact.

    antoinettenora on May 20, 2014 at 1:21 am said:


    ….So. About. David Price and the death threat. I feel it is a “FACT’ because he has never challenged it. And oddly, remember? He testifed FOR the defense, in the Looking Cloud Trial. I approached him in the courtroom, did I ask him about the threat? It seems to be I did. It was ten years ago…but I believe he never denied the Threat against Annie Mae.

    • I’ve seen the “evidence” where Price “threatens” Annie’s life and addressed
      it in several previous blogs, it strikes me as another “feeling” presented
      as fact.
      I provided a similar example where I told a friend who had a problem with
      alcohol that if he didn’t lighten up the next time I saw him would be in the
      morgue. Would your “separating fact from fiction” lead you to label my words
      as a death threat?
      So it seems as though you asked or did something, you’re not sure, but nonetheless
      “believe” you did. Does that qualify as fact in your opinion? Haven’t you any
      “notes” to verify one way or another?
      I have repeatedly stated throughout this blog I want anyone with any measure of
      complicity held to account, that’s anyone, as is fed, Shaimster, or Elmer Fudd if
      circumstances warrant.
      I’ve invited others to join me in making that statement – now I invite you.
      ANYONE…as in Banks, Means, Crow Dog, the Bellecourts, the pie patrol, Robideau,
      several of which you have glorified.
      Certain comments “bother” me when they are baseless and will either by
      intent or happenstance contribute to the lies, propaganda, and obfuscation
      of what everyone claims is their search for the truth….that seems simple enough
      to understand doesn’t it?

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