1. Fully agree.

    To seque back to earlier topics, corporate and political greed, etc., for a rare time today, actually sat down to read one of my favorite, albeit liberal, magazines (always well researched and written). And thought of you when read “At Merck the 2012 marketing-and-administration budget was 50 percent larger than the budget for research and development. The United States and New Zealand are the only countries in the world that allow prescription drugs to be advertised on TV.”

    Pretty sad…the bureaucratic ineptitude of the FDA only worsens the problem.

    • I think a major part of the problem is that beginning in school
      the definition of success is linked to assets both monetary
      and material, a metric reinforced in nearly aspect of society.
      Can only follow then that greed and indifference become a part of
      the equation – factor in the growing chasm that separates the rich
      from the poor and the dwindling middle class and greed begins to
      take on the appearance of a vehicle to “success”.
      Th FDA is no different than the rest of the government in that it
      caters to the greed of corporate interests.
      Not really surprised by the statistics you mention, but a little about
      New Zealand.
      The end game seems to be medicating every person in this country, much
      like the movie Equilibrium.

      Continue making negative comments about any government agency and you’ll
      wind up on the thought and word police list of “subversives” – military
      and government service notwithstanding.
      As I understand it even soldiers returning from foreign wars are being
      monitored – such is the new reality in the land of the free…. a new

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