1. As late as August 28th the Coward of Jumping Bull said “There have always been wrongdoers and bullies and parasites who attach themselves to the struggles of others with their words…”

    Interesting turn-of-a-phrase, akin to the coffee calling the kettle black, or a warrior wannbe pretending to be something he never was. What he unwittingly refers to are the Peltierites who have bought into the pile of manure peddled from the Peltier folklore.

    Interesting too that he would throw in a quote from Martin Luther King, again with a double meaning: “if a man stays bent over someone will always be trying to ride him…” Perhaps, subconsciously, he was making an admission to the reason why his cousin and coconspirator, Robideau, threw him under the bus.

    Maybe in his younger days he was the tough guy (with women and teenagers anyway), but the bloated figure I had the displeasure of sitting next to at Lewisburg couldn’t fight his way out of his own prison sneakers.

    Having it both ways is his signature fable but there were inmates who thought otherwise and beat the snot out of him because they weren’t buying the brave warrior chief nonsense.

    And speaking of Lewisburg and the hearing, and the incessant plea for money for “legal fees” (the legal battles have been long over folks), how about some daylight and honesty on the real Peltier and release the transcript of the hearing and some financials so the few remaining believers can head for the hills.

    • There is a sudden and pronounced lack of comprehension, a momentary aphasia among the
      Peltierites at the mere mention of transcripts and financial records – for them the not
      knowing is seen as plausible deniability.
      If they ever were to come to light it would be an equivalent Meggido for the poster
      boy aggrieved “warrior” and his disciples.
      For those who aren’t aware all that is required for the hearing transcripts to be
      released is Peltier’s signature….that and nothing more.
      Anyone want to venture a guess why he refuses to do so? Anyone care to defend this
      refusal and discuss possible reasons why?
      How about you SB, you up for that or all you have is OKC in a transparent attempt
      to avoid the issues related to AIM and your boy?

  2. This one Peltier is the shame for our people, never the warrior, never
    the victim, never the mentor.

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