1. The facts, when taken in context, are troubling little things to those who blindly follow. Then there are the Ward Churchill’s of the (academic) world who embarrass (that is make fools of themselves) without knowing or caring. Reluctantly forced myself to watch and listen to his mindless rants this week. The only positive aspect was that he supports Peltier which will turn away all who pay even the slightest attention.

    • With his bud Means no longer around not a lot of places on the rez
      where Churchill is welcome.
      There’s a video on the net where he is confronted at a school (?)
      in Hawaii about his ndn ancestry – he erupts like Mona Loa, belches
      and fumes, and offers nothing of substance to validate his claim.
      Too funny to watch.
      The Ketowah band of Cherokee where he got his “honorary” card pulled
      his covers long ago.

  2. Yes the Pinochios and the ommision factory, what do you mean by this rest
    the case for this one silent bear?

    • Omissions are way a life for the Pelterites, a sort of pernicious
      I rest my case is in reference to the latest spam gibberish from
      SB- he closes it with the bogus excerpt and adds ” I rest my
      Seemed fitting after exposing the methodology to offer a little crow
      pie by quoting his words.

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