4 comments on “ANOTHER OMISSION

  1. Omissions sadly have become a way of life, from the “white lie” to the more egregious.
    From Clapper’s characterization of “telling the least erroneous truth” when called on
    the carpet for NSA activities to AIM’s pathetically transparent attempts and heavily
    redacted or withheld FOIs.
    The motivation is always subterfuge – if a rose is a rose is a rose, then a lie is
    lie is a lie – and it doesn’t matter it’s point of origin or who the front man is.
    I believe it’s more than reasonable to assume the front man or front woman is aware
    of what is going on, knows the strategy is to willfully disseminate the omission/lie.
    In knowing this the question then becomes, at least for me, what motivation exists
    to sellout?
    Is it self protection or blind allegiance? Some case could be made if a person is attempting
    to protect themself but none that I can see if it is a merely a matter of allegiance.
    No “liberation” is available in a climate such as this, nor is it an environment that
    could be likened to “the spirit of Crazy Horse” – yet there are those who would have
    us set commonsense and personal integrity aside believing it to be so.
    As a people we cannot be so desperate, succumbed so deeply to assimilation as to honor
    criminals – if we have then we have truly lost our way.

  2. Many have lost the way rezinate and do not speak our language in
    the heart any more and do not know the real tradition and this is not
    the good thing for any of our people.
    This AIM is the lie and the set the bad example like you have said,
    and play this game if any to sepak against them they are the hater
    and the sellout. This is not true they are the hater and the sellout
    and dos not matter what any not of our people say when the defend them.
    We know and the language and the tradition are in our hearts, not
    what they say or the look here and don ot look there.
    To write the book is not to be the book, we are the living book and not the
    paper on.

    • “we are the living book”
      No truer words have ever been spoken…proud of you, true women
      of the nations.
      The nations children are new pages that will be added to the non
      paper book and a responsibility to see they too have the right
      things in their hearts.
      I like books and have learned things from many of them, but I
      also recognize the genres and able to separate fact from fiction.

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