1. As a follow-on, I’m sure you’ll comment on Peltier’s BS and ‘send more money for my legal team,’ on his 70th birthday. He did though make one more glaring admission. “I don’t regret any of it for one minute.” Without qualification or exclusion, exempting Jumping Bull, he has again acknowledged his guilt. Certainly his new attorneys (whomever they may be) would want him to keep his mouth shut for a change. But that would be uncharacteristic. He’s had some pretty damn good attorneys over the years and the first thing these new ones must do is review the record and see that its all been covered before…so, if after that they still agreed to go ahead…Well, we’ll just have to see.

    • Bellecourt is so full of hot air he needs to be tethered to the ground to
      keep from floating away – “the gang situation is going to continue.”- no
      mention that in selling drugs he personally along with the rest of the AIM
      leadership contributed to the gang situation as it is today.
      This ability of the leadership to remain free strongly suggests to me that
      at least one of them was an informant.

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