1. There’s an inescapable hypocrisy in all of this now that the cat
    is out of the bag.
    Corporate entities are donning sack cloth and ashes wailing about
    the inequity of all this while they data mine, insert increasingly
    sophisticated tracking cookies, and gather every scrap of personal
    information they can think of under the guise of improving service and
    being user friendly.
    Google has fleets of cars cruising neighborhoods filming everything
    and continues to launch Satellites with the capability of reading
    license plates.
    Then there’s all those contracts to sell information that’s gathered,
    and it’s a contest between FaceBook and Goggle to see who can be the
    biggest provider, the biggest pimp.
    It’s all about greed and gluttony – Microsoft wants a cut of any
    USED game they’ve sold – think about that and the implications if
    applied to everything you might own.
    Your friendly internet moguls want to tier the internet with incremental
    rates to match – in a country already ranked pathetically low as far
    as internet speed goes and incredibly high when it comes to fees.
    The question arises how did all this come to be, the only answers I
    can come up with are either ignorance, apathy, or because this is
    America and it’s either bend over and smile or do without.

    • This kind of bs is always presented as being beneficial, ” the challenge is to safeguard
      our privacy in a brave new world”, as if there is or will be any real effort to do that.
      All I can say is NOBODY is implanting anything in me, anyone I care about, or judging by
      the opinions of people I know them either.
      At some point this will be portrayed as being a good parent if it isn’t already, attempting
      to prey on parental concerns and fears.

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