4 comments on “ON A ROLL

  1. Great story Rez. I’m always getting hungry for peanuts now. Love the faces part. I see faces in things all the time. I was beginning to take photos of so many, I started to feel silly. Those who do not see faces in things just aren’t connected, imo.

    • I sometimes wonder if there’s a Georgia Carter in the woodpile
      somewhere what with all the peanuts around.
      There’s a mark or smudge on an outside wall that looks just like
      one of those cave paintings in France of a horned or antlered animal.
      I’ve been to many places off the beaten track where petroglyphs and
      paintings can be found, sometimes spend hours just looking at them
      and wondering about the person or persons who made them.
      Grandfather has an eye for such things and I would have liked to see
      the beaver peanut – told grandfather maybe the squirrel saw it as well,
      admired it, and has it as a wall hanging now as he’s been known to
      take things that catch his eye.

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