4 comments on “SMC TAKUMAR 50mm F1.4

  1. Thank you for sharing your photography knowledge. I used to have a few good cameras when I studied photojournalism but mostly went into radio news. It’s good to know what’s out there. I loved working in the darkroom but after the realization of how much the chemicals pollute I stopped. It’s good that you are giving us some examples of what can be accomplished digitally nowadays.

    • Photojournalism sounds like it would make a great career, probably highly
      competitive though.
      Basically what I do with film rather than go the chemical route is to scan
      the negatives and convert to digital – there will at least for some time
      always be a niche for film, the medium and larger formats produce stunning
      images though digitals in the same formats are increasingly making inroads.
      HDR , High Dynamic Range, in digital photography can turn an ordinary photo
      into something spellbinding, and is accomplished by “bracketing” multiple
      exposure levels of the same subject – best done using a tripod in my opinion.
      “Layering” in Photoshop, though there is a learning curve, has pretty much become
      a mainstay for “professionals” and marketing purpose – again, stunning images
      can be produced.
      Kodak actually produced the first digital camera around the mid seventies, you
      would think they could have developed a stranglehold on the market but didn’t for
      whatever reasons and now are more or less reduced to selling patents and initiating
      suits related to copyright infringement.
      The technology related to digital photography is increasing rapidly, new models
      being released continually, and no telling what the future will bring.
      I used to be opposed to tools like electric screwdrivers, figuring I wasn’t so lazy
      I needed to avoid manually turning one – that is until I tried one.
      Kind of the same with digital, wasn’t all that excited until I tried it. I’ve
      had other digital cameras and liked them, but this K50 has really got me on board.

  2. Thank you for all the great info. I definitely like the looks of that Pentax K50 and I always enjoy your photos.

    • Thanks, and the k50 is worth taking a second look at if you’re in the
      market for a dslr, comes in a huge numbers of colors as well if that’s
      a consideration.

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