5 comments on “SEND HIM MONEY

    • Whatever healing can be obtained won’t come as the result of single
      issue like mascots or Peltier – an important part of the equation
      is the healing that must take place within our communities as authored
      by ourselves, anything less would be like attempting to apply a band aid
      to a gaping wound.
      Political correctness is well and good, but the greater good is a societal
      correctness, one that confronts and will not tolerate drugs, gangs, the
      corruption and marketing of our ceremonies and traditions, the abuse of
      women and children, or epidemic levels of alcoholism, fetal alcohol
      syndrome, or drug addicted newborns.
      Money, grants, apologies, casinos, and programs may address or even mitigate
      to a degree poverty and economic conditions, but treating the symptoms is not
      a cure all.
      The impact of five hundred plus years of oppression resides not only in our
      memories but our very blood and DNA as well – a generational influence passed
      on from one generation to the next – a history we cannot or should attempt to
      There is no turning back, no resetting the clock – what falls to us as a people
      is for each to take individual responsibility for their conduct and strive to
      become self reliant.
      Sovereignty begins with feeding yourself, it is a sign of economic independence,
      of pride, a breaking of the chains that have bound us, an essential element that
      will determine if we are to move forward or remain in the doldrums…. and Jack
      Healey can’t tell us a damn thing about that.
      If I believed Peltier was innocent I would be camped out in front of the DOJ,
      if I thought for a moment that the AIM leadership at any time were something
      more than a bunch of liars and thieves I would be a card carrying AIM member.
      The most important thing to me is the people.
      Our backyard, our people, our loved ones, our language, our traditions and ceremonies,
      our combined histories as nations and how that all translates into where we are headed
      are my priorities.
      If the manner in which I go about expressing that is offensive to some then they need
      to ask me if I care – for I surely don’t.

  1. I’ve been rolling this 50k figure around in my head and then speculating
    what the total would amount to taking into consideration those “significant
    monthly costs”.
    For a people awash in poverty and need the sum total could be staggering,
    more that many could possibly make over a time span of years.
    Incredible isn’t it?
    Winter is coming and I keep thinking about children and elders in homes
    who can’t afford propane, warm winter clothing, or food on the table much
    less an adequate diet.
    Peltier isn’t worth so much as a single child or elder enduring any of this.

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