1. Not my habit to post “personal” comments or emails, but I will my response
    to a recent one expressing anger that having once been a Peltier supporter
    and come to the realization that a bill of goods was bought into. That too
    many questions are avoided as made evident in the blog by spammers and
    Omissionaries that can only speak to a truth others would deny.
    An attempted coverup, a protection racket that relies on avoidance and a
    pathetic attempt to affix labels like hater and fed.

    “You’re not alone , as I’ve stated on several occasions throughout
    the blog I was once a supporter as well and felt the same anger with
    the realization that as you say the public persona is, was, and has
    always been a lie.
    I believe that this anger of realization has become a groundswell of
    opinion – evidence of this is the dwindling donations and the apparent
    need to offer new missives about the need for funding.
    Further evidence is what appears to be an ongoing reorganization, the
    departure of multiple attorneys, and touting the return of recognizable
    names to the Peltier fold – which ultimately is backfiring in my opinion.
    The effort is floundering, and the internet no longer the asset to
    be manipulated at will with tales of victimization and innocence.
    If you, I, or others find ourselves eating a little humble pie over past
    allegiances a small price to pay for the truth – others paid with their life.”

    Every effort has been made to portray Peltier as some great self sacrificing
    humanitarian supported by humanitarian organizations and offices, yet something
    is obviously missing.
    That missing ingredient is the Innocence Project, very much a humanitarian
    organization with some powerful hitters on their team that have championed
    the cause of the wrongly convicted and secured the release of literally
    The Innocence Project works pro bono, and I can’t help but wonder if Peltier is
    such a victim why the IP isn’t involved? I also wonder if they have been approached
    at some point, reviewed the entire matter an opted out?
    Surely that has been the case with the ever departing attorneys and “volunteers” at
    LPDOC, now rebranded as ILPDC.
    Doesn’t make much sense to continually pander for donations when a pro bono
    powerhouse stands in the wings does it?
    The die was cast long ago, and the mold yet to be broken – Peltier is guilty,
    where he belongs, and anything but a humanitarian figure. The AIM leadership is
    and has been composed of a motley crew of liars and frauds.

  2. Robideau’s words often present a quandry to the AIM drones and Peltierites,
    they’re not sure quite what to do – if they denounce some part of what he said
    as in the above they are afraid it will cast doubt on others they love to cite.
    If they would avoid the negatives like the above they need to in the least offer
    an explanation as to why.
    Why would Robideau lie about something like this related to his cousin? And if
    it is a lie was his resignation merely some sort of act to bolster the lie? If
    that’s the theory it is not only convoluted but laughable and begs an explanation
    as to the time frame and sequence of events as well….namely the departure of
    Would they have us believe that was little more than theater? And what of the rest
    of the email exchanges that have been posted on this blog, emails that clearly
    illustrate the disgruntlement of others within the inner sanctum – all lies
    as well?
    What of SB’s statement that he maintains a distance from lpdoc/ ilpdc because
    he is aware of their reputation? Is this distance predicated on what he has come
    to know as the result of his association with them – the tales of “old boots”,
    Mr.X, and pro Peltier ballistic experts who never uttered a single contradictory
    word in court?
    The ability to address all this and lay it to rest one way or another is easy,
    all Peltier has to do is sign off so his disciplinary records and parole board
    hearing transcripts are available to his “supporters”.
    The fact that he refuses to amounts to what could be called a smoking gun, and I
    find it to be an act of hypocrisy to rail on about withheld and redacted FOI’s
    while at the same time Peltier is doing exactly the same.
    If the metric is the feds have something to hide related to FOIs it applies equally
    as well to Peltier in his calculated refusal regarding the documents in question.
    This isn’t rocket science, it’s commonsense.

  3. yes we think there is much to hide for this one Peltier and the ones who
    do not answer the questions or say oh do not look here look there help
    to hide.

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