1. Absolutely hilarious proof picture says more than thousand words. But same here, precisely as you said- between outbursts of laughter “I could not agree more” 😀

    • Undoubtedly you’ve now made the list of “haters, sellouts, and feds”…..that’s the list
      anyone with a mind of their own is assigned to.
      A friend suggested starting an Indiegogo donations drive, but in lieu of money asking
      for diapers with a direct deposit (no pun intended) into Peltier’s account.

    • Yup, busy, long hours to get a place more habitable for some people as winter approaches.
      Doing it alone so another couple of days and done.
      Will check out the link – just finished a blog that may not be to everyone’s liking,
      something of the norm no doubt, and will be posting after another coffee refill.

    • Quote from linked article:

      “Those promises, though, certainly didn’t pan out in the court of law. The Indian Center’s $9 million suit against the Cleveland Indians baseball team was settled only after 12 years of tedious courtroom appearances. Local Native Americans received a grand total of $35,000.”

      Wrong – the ” local native Americans” didn’t receive squat -the 35k was divided between “Warcloud” and Means as Russell left town.
      Of the various explanations given as to where the money went Means at one point said he used it for the Yellow Thunder camp – yet another Means scam.
      That would be Yellow Thunder in S.D. — not exactly Cleveland.

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