3 comments on “TEST CARDS

  1. A rez test card, making do bro. Ive seen what you can do with a camera
    you would blow people away if you shared them on ine.

    • Necessity and inclination being the mother of invention.
      Took a while to arrive at a decision to post any photos,
      and with the selection and collating process underway
      for the “book” focusing on the nations, our culture,
      traditions, and the day to day the field is winnowed
      leaving the more common variety people ordinarily
      I’ll be incrementally posting a few as I go along depending
      on the response.

  2. I meant to add that with a texture such as the blanket what is known
    as “banding” can occur – the lack of it in this photo is another positive.
    for the tak.

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