1. Remeber the Tribunal to liberate Peltier held in Oneida, WI last year?

    Blue Skies Foundation, Inc. (yep, them) are holding their 2nd annual Tribunal, this time focusing on Indian Boarding Schools.

    Bill Means will make the Introduction: Whe We Are Here.


    BS Norrell’s Oct 9 blog post invokes the term ‘Wisconsin Whitewash’…

    But I sn’t that exactly what the so-called 1st Tribunal did last time for Peltier?

    Don’t be surprised when they hit attendees up for money to sue the Vatican in The Hague.

    Don’t be surprised when the money goes to Leonard’s commissary funds, or Dorothy, Gina and the Gang’s ‘winter heating funds (for poker).’

    • Nothing much that originates from that sector surprises me, Russell Means used to
      brag about being a member of a “think tank”, I took that to mean a roundtable of
      AIM grifters plotting their next scam.
      Scam would be inclusive of their so called “tribunals” as well.
      I’ll pledge a hundred dollars to Peltier’s commissary funds if he’ll sign off
      to release his parole board hearing transcripts and disciplinary records.
      A hundred dollars might not seem like much to a lot of people but it is
      to me.

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