9 comments on “MURDER INC.

  1. “Murder Inc,” indeed. If a minority or a person of color gains influence and stands up for the rights of his or her people they get “nuetrilized.” You mention Peltier’s interrogation but no mention of agent Price’s “Dead within a year,” threat? He made good on his. But God forbid he be criticized. He’s a benevolent “school librarian type,” and part of the anti-Peltier/AIM team. A valuable asset to you. Kind of like that accessory to murder, Mr. Ed buttering you up with “likes” and compliments so he maintains his status of privilege with his side bar endorsement intact. Hey, someone needs to be the strong arm to protect the interests of the multinational corporations and Wall Street. I guess, Mr. Ed is YOUR guy.

    • Same old tired song – same avoidance. When you can show me that Woods
      had anything to do with the events this blog focuses on then I’ll be
      all over him the same as I am your boys.
      I’m not a black man but in the context you use a man of color and
      minority then I qualify as I am red to the bone and wouldn’t have it
      any other way.
      And you and your boys would like nothing better than to “neutralize”
      this blog. That’s why you NEVER respond to a question that requires
      an honest and obvious answer – why you’ve got nothing but Woods.
      What is with you people? Claypoole comes in here with her “feelings’,
      creative, psychic, wishful, or whatever, and has to backtrack while
      eating a generous portion of crow she served herself.
      You couldn’t answer a straight forward question if your life depended
      on it.
      Why don’t you all just say what you really feel, that you don’t give
      a damn how many people AIM killed you want them to all remain unaccountable.
      That doesn’t speak to some bs “red heart” you might attempt to claim,
      some great concern for our people, or justice and equity for them.
      It speaks to the lack of value you place on the lives of our people, your
      indifference to one of our women being abducted and slain at the hands of
      those you attempt to defend.
      Just come out and say that you don’t care how many people they have
      abused, how much money they have scammed, or how much they corrupt
      and market our ceremonies while you drone on about being a “firekeeper”.
      While dramatizing Price’s words how is it none of you ever mention
      the fact Annie was killed by AIM, not the feds, not the man in the moon,
      Everybody knows that and only a ignant person would attempt to deny
      it – that’s IGNANT, which is even dumber than IGNORANT.
      Want to talk about Ray Robinson, another American Indian Murder Inc.
      Who ordered that? Want to talk about your favorite authors own words
      where he says he and others attempted to talk to Banks about that and
      Banks went mute?
      Want to talk about your boy Peltier’s words where he says all the talk
      about being overrun with informants was bs?
      How about those unmarked graves at PR, who ordered those and who besides
      that fraud Crow Dog is the official gravekeeper? Crow Dog, so IGNANT he
      wants an “actor” to purchase the land, remove the bodies, and then gift the
      land back.
      What is it, you look at yourself as the “strong arm” that protects AIM’s
      interest, or are you merely a gofer like Peltier was?
      In the end maybe people can’t help being ignant, but that doesn’t give them
      the right to abuse the privilege.

  2. You know, the AIM leadership has always attempted to present themselves
    as being unquestionably sagacious, grand strategists, if the believers
    were of the opinion that they were omniscient possessing that mystical third
    eye that sees all even better yet, and a belief to cultivate.
    Problem is though they do indeed possess a third eye it isn’t located on
    their forehead and remains terminally obstructed.
    So sagacious, so wise, so all knowing to hear them tell it they were completely
    overrun by informants and operatives, all this despite Peltier saying such talk
    was a lot of bs.
    But then Peltier suffers obstruction as well, sort of a terminal constipation that
    clouds the vision and memory, so whose to say?
    Since both suffer the same affliction and utilize the same instrument to convey
    their wisdom it might not be a bad idea if they considered one of those high
    colonics….. an herbal one, or maybe using some of that Silent Warrior Carpet
    Cleaner Banks is producing and promoting.
    Hey, if it’s a good as Banks says when it comes to cleaning casino carpets it
    just might do the trick and open up a entirely new market.

    • I haven’t a single issue with this – whether Ray was the shooter
      or not will in all probability remain open to speculation, much
      the same as it has with Oswald and the Kennedy assassination.
      Adjudicating a case in civil court when the criminal courts have
      failed or refused is something I have advocated for when it comes
      to the matter of the murder of Annie Mae Pictou Aquash and Perry Ray
      Robinson Jr. by the American Indian Movement.
      The criteria is different and the approach often times seems more
      reasonable. I consider it in the majority a viable alternative in
      setting the record straight where all are concerned.

      If a legal doubt exists in any proceeding every effort should be made
      to address it – that is the basis of appeals and the ability to argue
      a case such as King’s assassination in a civil venue.
      It is my belief that were the AIM murder examples I provided adjudicated
      in such a manner the verdict finding them guilty would be equally as
      I’m assuming you imply Woods may have had some hand in this, judging
      by his stated history I think he might have been in Viet Nam or prior
      to having joined the fbi.
      Now I’m sure you’ll go on about “defending”, but not so, merely asking
      if such is the case – you know, that “reputation” I have of not liking
      issues being clouded by omissions.
      I wonder if it’s possible or an attempt has been made by Peltier to
      argue his case in a civil court? I don’t think if he were found innocent
      it would override his criminal conviction but it certainly could stir
      the pot.
      Then again it would be a high risk venture as the rules of discovery are

    • A difficult time for the family – a wound that will take time to heal and then
      never completely. They need and deserve answers as a part of that process,
      hopefully they will be forthcoming
      An all too common story in ndn country…missing and murdered women.
      I favor our own search and rescue teams just as I do neighborhood patrols
      to ferret out the nightcrawlers and send them packing.
      If Banks is about search and rescue teams maybe he should advocate for
      such on PR with a mandate to discover the unmarked graves of WK2.

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