4 comments on “FOLLOWERS

  1. Publicizing as such, and as you describe, is a double-edged sword. but the message here is what needs to get out to as broad an audience as possible. Even if there is some risk.

    • Feel obliged to solicit opinions, so will wait for a week or so before
      making a decision. That will allow people sufficient time to un follow
      should they chose to.

  2. At times people will tell me to be careful &/or watch my back because of my choice to speak out on what is b.s. in this life. I refuse to let myself be held hostage to fear & paranoia that serves to benefit the poverty pimps who prey on the ills of society. Sitting back and “playing the game” has never been my way and doesn’t win me any popularity contests. I consider life to be a gift to us and doing my part to help in some way is what helps me to live.

    I’m in this for the long haul, Rez’!

    • Call it a courtesy or sense of obligation but I felt I should
      provide the option for people – currently my spam stats stand
      at right around 55,000, and not all of it related to viagara
      offers,porn invitations, and marketing ploys.
      As I say, WP does an excellent job at identifying spam, and as
      a matter of course I routinely just hit “delete all” without
      even looking.
      To your credit you take the positions you do – keep punchin’.

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