1. Rebloged and posted to a major listserve.

    On a similar note, partially quoted:


    “…But we’ll up the ante from a previous offer (please see NPPA Blog dated September 6, 2010 below). The NPPA will donate $1,000 (up from the prior offer of $500) to Peltier and the LPDOC if they honor a commitment made to their supporters years ago:

    Post on whoisleonardpeltier.info the following:

    Peltier’s last five years (2006-2010) federal and state tax returns, and the federal and state tax returns for the LPDC (2005-2008) and the LPDOC’s returns for 2009 and 2010.

    That’s all they have to do and a check for a grand will be in the mail. Promise….”

    • Silence can be golden in the right situation, but also can carry with it
      an unspoken indictment that speaks of things to hide. I think Peltier
      and his boys would rather eat their shoe than offer such an accounting.

  2. Peltier is so relentless in such an odd direction, his croaking is like a lonely frog in a dying pond, filled with confidence even while the space around him sinks into darkness, into indifference. The line in this article….”if a man would stick a gun in a woman’s mouth to interrogate and threaten her would he be capable of cold blooded murder?”…Yes; that is such a vital observation. Another subject that he has never said a word about. This is a great throw down, a solid offering that it is clear he cannot step up to embrace, itself a glaring revelation. I am an Ojibwe man, from his generation. i remain astonished, almost every day, that for so many modern, non-American Indian people, this guy is put forward as the face of tribal suffering and tribal struggles. It is mind-numbingly bizarre that this is so. Yet, as i travel around in the world I rarely actually meet anyone who has ever heard of him. I met Robideau back when this all had just come down, I was a younger man. We were there with some really clear and solid tribal elders, ceremonial elders and no one in Robideau’s crew, there were 5 or 6 of them, could meet the eye of those elders. We all knew at that time that something was not right at all. This is a great narrative post, simple and real. Thanks so much for your elegant clarity.

    • The elegance of your comment far exceeds anything offered on this blog, and important that a person of the same generation and nation as Peltier and Banks adds their voice with an essential observation.
      The fact that none of the AIM bunch could look traditional leadership or elders in the eye speaks
      volumes – as does their need to shop around in search of a “spiritual leader” and having to settle
      on the likes of someone like Leonard Crow Dog.
      Not only Peltier but the AIM leadership have attempted to portray themselves as being representative of the nations, of the injustice, suffering, and associated misery while they inflicted their own version no less malignant.
      LPDOC/ILPDC have long claimed a global awareness and unflinching support for Peltier,the fact that you haven’t encountered this in your travels illustrates once again that all things Peltier are mythical and have no substance….thanks for your comment.

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