1. Well, I thought for sure everyone’s favorite defender of the faith would
    weigh in with at least a few unrelated links – guess not though in their
    knowledge that staying on point moves comments from the spam bin
    to approved.

    • My “American Dream” is an Indigenous one, a dream of sovereignty
      and self reliance – a dream of unity and integrity among all
      our nations – one devoid of external or internal corruption.
      That by it’s very nature excludes programs like COINTEL and
      AIMINTEL – it excludes coercion, murder, and manipulation, while
      promoting and adhering to traditional values and leadership.
      It speaks to directions taken by consensus or a viable majority,
      not the dictates of a few, it places the welfare of all on equal footing
      rather than that of a handful.
      A dream where nothing within our communities needs to be hidden – not
      graves, deeds, or ill gotten monetary assets.
      Communities where the lives of families and children aren’t threatened
      to instill silence and criminals aren’t able to roam freely.
      Too much of what is and has occurred are not dreams, they are nightmares
      that require an awakening to be rid of.
      Americans are patriotic to this country – Iranians, Polish, Hungarian,
      and countless other are as well. It is a form, one to be expected, of
      As nations our relationship with the U.S. or any nation should be predicated
      on even handedness rather than deceit and exploitation.
      Countries routinely spy on their own and on one another, a given based on
      “national security”, as oppressed nations we can expect no less. That isn’t
      to say we should be accepting, rather aware.
      Cointel is dais to be disbanded, but as I’ve said previously governments
      never surrender power, they merely find new ways to burrow deeper and
      enhance it.
      The result is Cointel has now morphed into the NSA – bigger, more
      powerful, more intrusive, and seemingly above the law.
      If we as a people lived a traditional life with traditional leadership
      we would be better quipped to deal with such things – coddling criminals
      like the AIM leadership or aiding and abetting them doesn’t lend itself
      to that…. and two wrongs or any multiple of that never made a right.
      My backyard, where I live is my first concern, and should be that of others,
      I no more want criminals roaming freely in it than you would want to
      live next door to a crack house.
      When you can say the value of our lives equals that of protecting AIM
      then you’re opinion will have substance, until then it means nothing.

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