1. Barry Bachrach 12/19/12:

    I firmly believe theda was the pig based on what I knew. And it makes perfect sense. nothing done until she has Dementia in or abou 2003 and is put in nursing home. she is never indicted. she is never indicted even though 2 different judges rule her competent in 2010. I have asked for FOIA docs on her from every conceivable field office, and DC. Nada, Nothing, No Docs. No way that can be true. I just haven’t had time to follow up. It explains why the feds have always had to stay away from this case or it would turn into what happened in boston with the irish mob and the fbi. I will get back on trying to prove this but I need time. I don’t know what paul thinks, don’t know if I ever discussed it with him. everyone else blows me off and looks at me funny. Of course I am a funny looking guy.

    Barry Bachrach, Esquire
    The Law Office of Barry Bachrach

    • The advantage attorneys have is greater access, and I’m not talking about
      foi’s. They have access to their client, to pretrial evidence, depositions,
      and judicial renderings that seal the results of proceedings and testimony.
      I think by and large they are able to “profile” a client, sense when they’re
      lying, and as the result of all things mentioned above form an opinion whether
      their client is innocent or guilty – innocence or guilt not based on technicalities
      but facts and realities.
      As far as I know Bachrach has never stated that he believes Peltier is hands
      down innocent, what he has said is that he doesn’t believe Peltier received a
      fair trial and as a result, he, Bachrach, can then “logically say he is”. A
      statement he has backtracked from.
      Bound by attorney client privilege neither Bachrach nor Kuzma can ever state
      they believe Peltier or any client is guilty, and I don’t know if either
      believes he is.
      What I do know is they no longer associate themselves with that “cause”, and in
      a sense have crossed over to the other side- Kuzma seeking to assist Ray’s family
      and Bachrach looking into Annie’s murder….that speaks volumes to me and also
      implies that during their tenure as an “insider” they learned a few things they
      found unsettling.
      As I’ve said, it’s entirely possible Theda rolled over at some point – how ironic
      is it in that she was related to Russell Means, a man who didn’t hesitate to
      publicly snitch, although it was an attempt to divert attention away from
      brother Bill whose house the kill order was taken at to murder Annie.
      I’ve long believed Russell was running his own version of a shell game, playing
      both sides of the fence as he felt it served his best interests, and I’m not
      alone in that belief.
      If so maybe he helped to turn Theda, or maybe when the heat ramped up she turned
      I’d be interested in knowing how rebuffed foi attempts are or would be related
      to Means and Banks – neither of whom were ever diagnosed with dementia or placed
      in a nursing home – neither were they ever indicted.
      You need to reload SB, you’re still shooting blanks. And perhaps read the blog again,
      you failed to respond to the questions related to kamook and a wife’s responsibility.
      But then you’ve done that before haven’t you?

  2. A lot of talk about Theda Nelson Clark and Frank DeLuca/Blackhorse
    being informants – obviously FD/B was and Clark could have been
    as well.
    To substantiate such claims the point is made that neither were
    prosecuted, a viable point.
    But if suspicions rest solely on a lack of prosecution then Banks
    should populate that list as well.
    I’ve yet to hear of wiretap directly linking Clark or FD/B to
    the murder of Annie Mae Pictou Aquash, Perry Ray Robinson Jr. or
    AIM victims of WK2 who lay in unmarked graves.
    Yet the same can’t be said of Banks, that would be Dennis I’m taking the
    Fifth Banks.
    One can reasonably assume that Banks was recorded more than once, also
    reasonable to assume Means and the Bellecourts were as well, how is it then,
    especially in Banks case, the same people promoting Clark and FD/B
    as candidates aren’t doing the same with any member of the leadership?
    The answer is obvious – their’s isn’t an all encompassing desire for the
    truth or justice, it is selective and transparently exclusive.
    Ask a single one of these “defenders” a direct question and their eyes roll
    back in their head as they search for a way to avoid answering, going to any
    extreme to avoid doing so.
    I don’t know if anyone is impressed or influenced by that but I’m not, though
    I understand it is part of the cult mentality, it’s what they do, part of
    the programming.
    Patty Hearst after being kidnapped by the SLA was brainwashed to the point
    of not only becoming a sympathizer but an active participant. I consider that
    a valid defense – on the other hand AIM and Peltier sympathizers maintain their
    physical freedom but have been intellectually kidnapped, I don’t consider that a
    valid defense when they have the same access to facts as everyone else.
    The intellectual constraints placed upon them are by and large self imposed – for
    sure if they reverse course they will be labelled feds and haters, but I’ve never
    believed “warriors” or “last real Indians” concern themselves with such pettiness.

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