7 comments on “CRYSTAL BALL

  1. We like this picture rezinate and maybe with the luck you
    will find the crystal skull.

    • I’m thinking the skull along with some tarot
      cards would round things out a little. Going to
      be on the scout for both, shouldn’t be all that
      difficult as they are both being mass produced.

    • Looking for one of those card tables with folding legs so I can
      set up a stand somewhere – I can tell fortunes and grandfather can
      sell peanuts.

    • Conferred with grandfather, he says smashing the peanuts is fine
      as they can be eaten that way after a “reading”, but he thinks too
      since faces and things can be seen in the shell that might be another

  2. I knew there must be another angle that could be worked in. The faces in shells would definitely be a crowd pleaser.

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