1. And the ship of fools sails on…reminds me of a time I was treated to a dinner without knowing what the purpose of it was. Two members of the Twin Cities native community had decided to take it upon themselves to try and alter my opinion of the frenchman(a.k.a. Clyde Bellecourt). They must have thought I would play the game of ignorance for the sake of the “big picture”. Hell no! I respected these 2 individuals and had worked with them on issues in the community but they pissed me off that day and I decided to distance myself from them for having the gall to defend a low life. I let them know exactly how my thoughts on shAIM are and always will be.

    Damn shame, but it was a reminder that some people, no matter how wrong things are, will always look the other way when it could affect their income and place in the community.

    • You are to be commended for adhering to your principles -there are those who won’t
      for fear of being branded something other than a “Last Real Indian”.
      Distances have grown between myself and some I shared a mutual respect with as well,
      and it is a shame at times, but if that is the way it is to be I can live with that.
      I’ve been offered various inducements also, and heard all the arguments and excuses,
      but I’d rather eat my shoe than “sell out”.

      • I relish the thought of being able to post all the names of those former Peltier supporters who sought the facts and truth about the Jumping Bull charlatan, and changed their position. Sadly we can’t do that. But with the thinning ranks, Peltier must know how significant that number really is.

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