1. It is still $35,000.00 raised that could feed children, or provide heat for needy elders, $35,000.00 diverted to a cause without any merit whatsoever. I am sure the people who send their money feel they are helping the American Indian people in doing so? It makes one feel so sad to hear of such fund raising actions., and how uninformed and misguided the responding generosity is. Example: a person I know quite well, and who shall remain unnamed, in New York, received several hundred dollars this summer from a benefactor to do good through the United Nations. She spent it all in ten days to provide food , meeting space, transportation fees, printing cost, etc.. for AIM gatherings in September, and now, she cannot pay her own $800.00 phone bill or afford her own everyday subsistence. I consider that absolutely unenlightened (dare I say ” crazy”?) . I cannot feel sorry for her. She, however, has no regrets and rebukes my admonitions, as she strongly feels she has done well and benefitted American Indians by bankrolling AIMsters for a few days.

    • Well, I think “crazy” would be an appropriate characterization.
      A very clever subterfuge by AIM in portraying support of them as expressing concern
      for the nations and a defacto support of our people….nothing could be farther from
      the truth.
      And you’re absolutely correct in delineating how the $35,000 could have been better
      spent, the difference it could have made.
      AIM runs scams through a variety of venues and eager cronies equally as nefarious,
      as awareness has grown and been reflected in dwindling donations they have become more
      Creative in the sense that they will sell anything belonging to us as a people that isn’t
      tied down….such as ceremonies and traditions while attempting to attach themselves to any
      issue they believe the public is attuned to.
      Of all the scams the two that remain foremost in my mind is the entire Peltier charade, and
      Means attempt to commandeer the matriarchy issue for profit, followed closely by a long list
      of others he pursued.
      I tend to look at awareness of such things as comparable to the way people sleep – some will
      awaken with a single word, others require repeated attempts.
      And of course there are those who having awoke prefer to remain in bed.

  2. With the “celebrities” who proclaim their support of Peltier I kind of have to wonder
    about the inability to reach the goal – surely Redford made at least as much from the
    selective recounting presented in Incident at Oglala, and having an idea of the kind of
    money actors and such make $175,000 would be like chump change.
    But then maybe they’ve come to understand it would take a chump to donate that
    much money to such a flagrantly bogus cause.

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