1. Meric Beacoup, i really needed the laughter, it took me more time to stop laughing while reading than it took to read the context of this blog ….. still laughing !!!! , GREAT

    • Depicting Banks as a laughable figure is only one of several accurate
      characterizations, but that’s a long list, all of which most everyone
      other than hive members are aware of and willing to admit.
      What’s really laughable are the attempts to be relevant with the

  2. Yes rezinate you have made us laugh to, but we know the truth of this
    one Dennis Banks and it is not good.

    • No it isn’t good and reminds me of a line in one of the BatMan movies
      spoken by Jack Nicholson in his role as the Joker – he says “this town
      needs an enema”.
      I think the same could be said of AIM, especially the “leadership”
      as they are obviously full of it.
      In the past I have offered to contribute to a Depends fund if one
      were to be started…I’m also willing to contribute to a prunes
      fund with the condition that a couple of flats be sent to Peltier
      in addition to those sent to the AIM leadership.
      Prunes and Depends….I think that ought to about cover it.

    • without a doubt , not good to any degree, which is one reason some at times , resort to the laughter, so as to not enter depths of emotional misery that one witness’s from reviewing the dark results on identity, culture, tradition, beliefs, women, children, elders from the actions by the poverty pimp’s, their affiliates, their supporters and sympathizers.

      • Sometimes laughing at the lunacy of a situation is medicinal
        in nature serving to maintain a focus and strengthen resolve
        rather than falling into the depths of despair as you point out.
        Laughing at such individuals in a way is a form of public pillory
        and has a distinct value – often enough I find myself shaking
        my head and laughing at their antics.

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