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  2. Again, another tireless “spin” on my words. Peltier has gotten anything but a “free” pass. 39 years of hard time is no walk in the park. “may or may not,” refers to even if he did do it at this point he should have been freed. I personally think that he WAS NOT the shooter. I believe that there is enough reasonable doubt contained in the FBI’s own documents and the fact that they’re still withholding a large # of documents also speaks volumes. My point was that ultimately it was the Fed’s that committed the high crimes. It is them that has gotten away with the manipulation of a whole community and they were able to get away with this partly as presenting Peltier as their sole scape goat. Were AIM angels? From from it. They are imperfect human beings as we all are. It seems that you yourself admit that the FED’s are responsible and are at least guilty as “aiders and abetters.” My point in my initial response was that they themselves should be held accountable for THEIR crimes. You say that you are for all involved being brought to justice but I’ve yet to see you call for any FED to be brought to justice. All you do is rail on about Peltier, Means, Banks etc( while providing side bar endorsements for the likes of Woods and Trimbach)..but you’re willing to give the ULTIMATE perpatraitors a “free pass?” Why? Cause the “cops” get away with it? This is the attitude that enables CRIMINALS like Ed Woods to sit on their high horse because ultimately he knows he’ll be given a free pass. As I’ve said before, what you leave out speaks as loudly as what you say. I’ve tried to post this a # of times now but it’s yet to get through the censors. Let’s see if it makes it this time?

    • As a people we haven’t a single reason to trust the government, to believe anything
      they say, and you will be hard pressed to find any among us who do.
      We may or may not come to trust an individual on rare occasion or feel as though we
      may share a measure of common ground but never the entity.
      Generations of “betrayal” have taught us that lesson,ingrained it – but to be betrayed
      by our own as Hendricks points out, to have our communities destroyed, our people
      murdered, our women sexually and physically abused, our meager resources stolen,
      our traditional leadership co opted, and our ceremonies corrupted and sold by our
      own is by far the greater betrayal.
      Addressing this betrayal as it occurs within our backyard must be the priority, or we
      will continue to see gangs flourish, with an increase in suicides, crime, and drug and
      alcohol abuse among our youth.
      A reality so pressing, so obvious, your attempts to turn the focus away in a very real
      sense is to advocate for a cultural genocide – by doing so you do AIM’s work, and I
      for one will have none of it.
      Peltier has been characterized as a mad dog killer, within the AIM circle he was known
      as Dumb as Dirt – I wholeheartedly agree with both characterizations and say it should
      be more inclusive, more accurate, by encompassing the leadership as well.
      By action and deed AIM attempted to create their own internment camps to carve into
      individual fiefdoms, in doing so a “ministry” of propaganda and the formation of “brown
      shirts” was necessary.
      Fear, coercion, and the destruction of the cultural infrastructure became the goal,
      a goal that had nothing to do with the betterment of conditions and everything to do
      with personal power and enrichment.
      In lieu of requiring dissenters to wear an identifying mark, something akin to the Star
      of David the Nazi’s forced upon Jews, they were content to label people a snitch or fed,
      to threaten their families and children, and ultimately to commit murder.
      How you or anyone can find that defensible or laudable is beyond me, and it is your attitude
      that enables murderers to walk free.

      “My point in my initial response was that they themselves should be held accountable
      for THEIR crimes. You say that you are for all involved being brought to justice but
      I’ve yet to see you call for any FED to be brought to justice.”

      You seem to be more confused than usual SB – did I not, and have I not repeatedly said
      I want ANY with complicity held to account?
      Have I not previously stated that if you can produce a single shred of evidence that
      Woods ever so much as set foot on PR I would be all over him just as I am your boys?
      Your issues with Woods are singularly about having established NPPA, but having nothing to
      link him to any events this blog addresses you nonetheless attempt to insert him into the mix.
      That’s known as two things, avoiding the issues and misdirection….but then that’s basically
      the gist of what you have to offer.
      Have I not said the same of your erstwhile posterboy Kenney? On the other hand have you
      ever said anything comparable related to a single member of the leadership? Have you ever
      said ANY with complicity in the AIM murders should be held to account?
      And what’s this – again you predictably avoid mention of any contrary Hendricks
      quotes? You ain’t Clarence Darrow SB, maybe you would be well advised to try sending
      a man to do this work you attempt instead of a boy.
      You know of AIM’s complicity, why don’t you ever address that?
      Are you saying I spun Hendricks words as well, or are you hoping to avoid any
      discussion of them as is the norm?
      Did I spin the reality of the Mr. X lie and Peltier’s repeated statements that X was
      a stand up guy and everything about that lie was the truth?
      Have I the spun the fact that it is only now you use words like may or may not that
      echo Redford’s sentiments when he says he doesn’t know if Peltier killed anyone
      or not but that prison is a bad place to be? I wonder if Redford or you believe the grave
      is a bad place to be before your time?
      Have I spun Peltier’s word that he believed agents were coming to arrest HIM for that
      Wisconsin warrant? Have I spun his faltering admission archived in internet videos when
      he admits he was at their car? When he admits he was shooting in their “general direction”
      but not at them? What an asinine statement, what a blatant lie believing there are enough
      ignorant people to believe it and make a difference.
      Have I spun the wiretap of Banks or the unmarked graves of AIM’s victims?
      Have I the spun the truth of ILPDC’s so called “ballistics expert” who sat mute in court
      with nothing to offer as contradictory evidence?
      On the contrary you are the spin doctor and the links you present completely unrelated
      to anything that happened at Jumping Bull or WK2 attest to that.
      You spin the ’99 Oyate statement in saying it is meaningless. It’s meaningless when
      traditional elders and leadership speak?
      You spin the selling of our ceremonies by Crow Dog in saying he does so to pay his
      daughters utility bills… does he make those payments before or after “fiercely”
      beating his wife?
      You spin rape and murder in saying paranoia is absolution.
      Attorneys routinely come and go through the ILPDC revolving door, “volunteers” within
      the inner sanctum exchange emails about Peltier’s delusional belief in the myth created
      for him, of his attempts to in essence bully those working for him, have I spun those?
      Have I spun his cousins Robideau’s disgust with Peltier’s “anal bleeding” and sexual
      activities behind bars? A disgust that led him to leave then LPDOC.
      Does it qualify as a spin that Peltier refuses to sign off on the release of his
      parole boarding and disciplinary records – or is failing to do so merely efficacious
      to keeping the myth intact?
      Here’s a question of a more personal nature – if you were in his place do you think
      you would suffer from anal bleeding? Do you think you would sign off on said records
      or ever speak a word of the truth?
      In the end you are as transparent as a pane of glass, much the same as your heroes
      who you seem to believe are your bread and butter, school yard bullies better to
      appease than confront – and perhaps your greatest spin is to say you are a “firekeeper”
      as though seeking to add substance to the words you speak.
      Having committed himself with the quasi documentary of Incident at Oglala Redford
      is no more willing to admit any fallacies than you are, and so we now begin to
      hear such qualifiers as his and yours.
      Whether you recognize or admit it they amount to cracks in the wall that others surely
      see for what they are – and there is nothing you or AIM can do about it.
      No “tribunals”, no songs, no fundraisers, no myths, NOTHING.

  3. “My problem with the way this has been handled is as time progressed what became known, and that translates to evidence and witness statements, something more substantial, is that it took decades to make an arrest in the murder of Annie and none has been made related to the murder of Ray – both AIM victims.”
    Well, maybe the fact that it took “decades for an arrest,” should tell you that ultimately they were FBI victims. The document proves that they have knowledge of what happened all along and maybe even had an “insider” guiding the proceedings( Barry’s “Theda was the pig,” theory), yet no attempts at a prosecution was made? The only explanation for this, as Barry and others have expressed, is that their informants/operatives got too close and if there were prosecutions it might lead back to these informants and their handlers and they might have had another “Irish mob debacle,” on their hands. In the case of Ray Robinson, it’s suspected that an FBI informant/operative may have been the actual shooter. This might explain why that case got “buried.” So again, who is ultimately “guilty?” The same government that was “guilty” at Waco, Ruby Ridge, OKC, Pine Ridge, and that brought Nazi war criminals into this country and used them as paid spies with the U.S citizens tax money. Or again, you could just blame it all on Peltier and make him a “scapegoat.”

    • “In the case of Ray Robinson, it’s suspected that an FBI informant/operative may have
      been the actual shooter.”

      Oh, be careful SB when saying such things as it greatly winnows the field, and among that
      reduced field there is only one I am aware of who walked from both federal and state
      Are you or others in any way alluding that the voice of Radio Free Peltier – Dave Hill
      was both the shooter and “an FBI informant/operative”?
      As to the Irish Mob why don’t you mention that Bulger fiercely denied being an informant?
      That’s at least something to consider – one of those “mights” that might be true or not.
      “Might” be inconvenient to admit the possibility but we’ll never know for a certainty
      will we? And so you remain content to promote Bulger as well as Kenney.
      Of course one could easily say it was important to Bulger for others to believe him
      just as it was for the feds that they would be believed.
      In my opinion both Kenney and Bulger amounted to little more than human excrement, kind
      of like Peltier and the AIM leadership, that would be the leadership who one or some among
      them “might” be snitches.
      No one can honestly look at the revealed and recorded history of the feds or any government
      agency and say they have conducted themselves strictly observing the law or the Constitution.
      No one can honestly say the government has always conducted itself with the best interests
      of those they are supposed to serve at heart in a lawful and Constitutional manner – but none
      of that trumps the finger on the trigger.
      It’s as Hendricks said – AIM should have known better. Whether they did or not they chose the
      direction they took – they chose to destroy WK2, they chose to murder and rape, they chose to
      lay up and party with the BIA ransom money, they chose to run scams for their personal self
      aggrandizement, they chose to co opt traditional leadership and elders.
      All of this because they were “paranoid”? Bullshit.
      As to Bachrach I have nothing against him, I think he’s a good person, but also note
      he cleared out of LPDOC when he had enough – I also think he may have had a change
      of heart related to various issues you wouldn’t dare quote.
      That isn’t to say he’s changed his mind about Theda, and I think there is a possibility
      worth considering that she did indeed roll over – but I also believe it can be convenient
      for people like you attempting to obfuscate to seize on such a theory that involves a
      dead person who can’t present a rebuttal. Do you plan on including Thelma Rios at some
      point in your ruminations?
      Since John Graham was Annie Mae’s shooter have you proposed the theory that he was an
      Theda, and Arlo were both involved as well, your position related to Theda is known, but
      would you say Arlo was a fed provocateur?
      How about Banks and his role in the murder of Ray Robinson, think he was or “might” be
      an informant/operative?
      Peltier is anything but a scapegoat, he’s a thug who got caught, a part of the “trio”
      that apparently enjoyed “interrogating” women on more than occasion, that and nothing more.
      Not a warrior or a hero as he loves to claim…a thug and a liar.
      If you want to speak of U.S. taxpayer money then let’s discuss that BIA party money, or
      the exploited grants AIM is famous for.

  4. Here’s something else that interests me – Peltierites will go to great lengths
    to point out Robideau said he was the one who shot both agents, yet they
    never offer an explanation why if this is true Robideau authored and promoted
    the Mr. X fairytale for years until it became laughable before claiming he
    was the shooter?
    If Robideau was the shooter why didn’t he just come out and say so rather
    than cobbling together a story? The answer ought to be obvious to one and all.
    Once the X story became a deflated balloon something else had to be fabricated.

    • Reality check.

      MH throws around a lot of allegations but hasn’t had the wherewithal to find the filmed proof that’s already out there. But it’s little wonder since he can’t even get the name right. Even if he did find it there would be every measure of expected diversion and spin from the actual facts.

      Forty years is enough for a double homicide (or aiding and abetting in those double murders), and that’s fine. So, end those two consecutive life sentences now and start the clock on the seven-consecutive-years for the armed escape from Lompoc, which Peltier still owes and is conveniently ignored by him and the rest.

      It wouldn’t be difficult to find out everything about the Boulder-mouth-boy, non-Native, blind-follower of all things Aim and Peltier (given the Internet as it is). Certainly, with what’s already been said there are more than a few skeletons in that closet. But that would be just a classic waste of time and then lead to whining like a little girl in a schoolyard and claiming a grand conspiracy and Cointelpro nonsense. The result? The predictable AIM boilerplate fallback.

      Good news? Yes there is, in fact, good news, and precisely why paying the slightest attention to the ranting of a dim-witted muddler is wasteful. Those who still believe the myth (and lies and spin) over the past 14 ½ years that the NPPA has been watching, are growing fewer and fewer. And it’s no wonder given the truth that has been exposed about the ignobility of AIM and the fallacy that Peltier is anything other than a “Tug.” (To use his own mispronunciation.)

      Even Peltier, though he occasionally tries to bolster the thinning believers with grand gestures that this is all for ‘his people,’ while he periodically sticks his prison sneaker in his own mouth with statements that only reinforce his guilt and drive his attorneys (those who stick around) into fits of “Oh, crap, not again!,” knows that the only way he’s leaving Coleman, is feet first.

      • Muddlers have suggested that justice would be achieved by releasing
        Peltier and having a fed(s) complete his sentence.
        If it could be shown that a fed(s) pulled the trigger on Annie, Ray,
        Williams, Coler, or any in the unmarked graves I could get behind that
        if it were ture.
        But since the shooters are established and options are sought I would
        suggest exchanging Peltier for those in the AM leadership – let them
        “finish” Peltier’s sentence.
        I could also get behind commuting Peltier’s sentence to time served
        and beginning the seven years for escape, in which yet another person lost
        their life.
        I was talking with an attorney friend and they said at Peltier’s 2024
        parole hearing he could be paroled to the seven year sentence, which would
        in effect leave seventeen years to be served.
        Commutation to the seven years, or parole and seven more in all likelihood
        translate to a feet first exit.
        In Peltier’s passing the approach will be much the same as it has been
        with Russell Means, and all out effort to monetarily capitalize.
        I saw a movie once titled The Birdman Of Alcatraz- Robert Stroud, “the birdman”
        was portrayed in a sympathetic manner and you culdn’t help but feel he
        was ” a human being whose been wronged”.
        But that’s Hollywood for you, and when you look a little deeper you discover
        Stroud wasn’t such a noble person after all.
        Stroud made some very notable contributions to the study of ornithology and
        avian disease, maybe on the basis of that parole should have been a consideration.
        In the reverse the only thing Peltier has contributed is a prevailing divisiveness
        and siphoning off money that would have been used addressing real time needs among
        the nations.
        Any clemency or parole granted to Peltier should be predicated upon two things;
        the release of parole hearing and disciplinary records with a mandate that he
        address them to his adoring fans and accepting responsibility for the crimes he

      • The math is right-on and I would add one more item to the list.

        I know it’s out there someplace, but try as I may, could not get my hands on it.

        Peltier, however, does have it, stored somewhere (maybe in Ellison’s closet with at least a few other skeletons).

        The old LPDC /Peltier used it to prove a negative, with the claim that allegedly Agent Adams, the first agent to reach Jumping Bull, was familiar with its location and that this was a pre-planned government raid with “hundreds” of lawmen laying in wait.

        I asked the LPDC (Solano at the time), of course, had no reply; did FOI requests, spoke with those who were involved, even the steno who took the shorthand for its preparation. The FD-302, the document reduced to writing, recording the radio transmissions from Ron Williams and overheard by those in the Rapid City office.

        Peltier produces one page, another out-of-context ploy, but what’s really needed is not just this one excerpted page, but the entire FD-302. That document would tell a much more compelling story and the complete sequence of events unfolding at Jumping Bull.

        Q (By Mr. Sikma) Defendants have marked Defendant’s Exhibit 75. I will show you this and ask you whether or not you {1657} recognize what Defendant’s Exhibit 75 is?
        A Yes.
        Q And what is that?
        A That’s the transcription of what my notes were from that day.

        Add defendant’s Exhibit 75 to the list that no one will ever see from Peltier.


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