1. “…even though the Fargo jury had given me those maximum sentences specifically for supposedly going up and personally murdering those agents at close range with a high-powered weapon, not for some vague crime of “aiding and abetting.” (PW p.162)

    “Not for some vague crime…?” Peltier wants everyone to forget the fact that even his wanted poster, dated 12/3/75, specifies warrants filed including “aiding and abetting,” followed by indictment, charges and a trial, along with appeals on that specific count.

    CAUTION re MARK HOLTZMAN: It may be just coincidence (I’m leaning towards not) but this week received an email from “Silent Bear” with a virus link. (The excellent spam filter Spamarrest, caught it and was deleted.) This timing is suspect but a few months ago it also happened and I tried to contact MH to advise him, nicely, that his email may have been hacked. No reply, of course.

    • Could be innocent enough, could be that others have hacked his comp,but being aware
      of SB’s harassment of others via emails we don’t exchange emails.
      Apparently SB follows this blog religiously hoping to propaganda bomb it from time
      to time, in doing so your comment may enlighten him.

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