1. Off topic, and a research question. I recall that there is a video of Judge Heaney being asked if Peltier received a fair trial, and he responded, ‘yes, he did.’ Do you know which video/interview that was? Tx

    • No, but it sounds familiar – may have it archived in the external which isn’t
      very well organized and folders now appear to be named in gibberish, I’ll
      take a look but may be a daunting task.

      • Found it. It was in the pathetically flawed Kroft, 1992, 60 Minutes piece. There are so many factual errors yet with all that is known; no retractions or corrections. It amounted to an AIM/Peltier propaganda piece helping to further establish the myth…

    • I’ve never smoked pot but drank a little when I was younger and crazier, but
      I came to the realization there was nothing to gain and a lot to lose, so I gave
      it up without a struggle.

  2. Looks like the path for stronger working relationships are being cleared , here comes Cuba’s medical mary jane …. have to keep that chubby Korean guy fed ya know, to keep shoveling arms to the likes of ISIS and friends, since roubles are not cutting the cake for “them” these days …. just saying 🙂

    • I suspect there are some backdoor reasons for “normalizing” relations with Cuba
      of the Homeland security variety we aren’t being told about- one of those “strategic
      initiatives”. Cuba as a “friendly” trade partner and satellite rather than a rerun of
      the missile crisis in the sixties or a haven for terrorists.
      Interesting to me Kim has been invited to Russia – maybe Rodman will accompany
      him and they can play some basketball.
      A ton of money will probably be pumped into Cuba just as it has every time the U.S.
      has had an agenda anywhere on the planet – that while poverty and the decline of
      infrastructure continues unabated here.

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