1. yes without a doubt , soooo many that adorn themselves with dirty underwear ….. just recently had a woman (8 children now bewildered) in the community hang herself ….. anyone want to guess how many signs went out for help to those both tribal and non tribal who are sporting the beliefs and ideology of AIM teachings and beliefs …. total madness that so many good hearted people with good intent continue to support because of “political correctness & cultural sensitivity” …. with regards, for you and those you are connected to …. Happy Holidays – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wqw1MGEHKNE

    • I get accused at times of not being “fair” in my approach
      to AIM – fair doesn’t have anything to do with it, reality
      And by that six degrees of separation a great deal of what
      is going on in the rez is the result of the examples and
      corrupting influence AIM has had.
      Everything from the selling of ceremonies, the injection of
      New Age beliefs, the marginalization of elders, women,
      and traditional leadership, alcohol, substance abuse, crime,
      gangs,and suicide.
      All a pointless and unnecessary burden that now another eight
      children will bear and cast a pallor on them for the rest of
      their lives.
      None of it “fair” and all of which should send shock waves
      through our communities and lead to an awakening.
      Best of the season to you and your’s JP, and keep punchin’.

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