20 comments on “FORGO THE KOOLAID

  1. Although I don’t always agree with some positions, I don’t argue with your reasoning and presentation of the history, past and present, as you perceive and express it.
    Best to you, and your followers as well, for a healthy and happy New Year. For me, it will be just another day on the calendar…just the day after December 31st.

    • New years isn’t a big thing for me either, don’t make any resolutions or grandiose plans,
      and historically it has been a work day like most holidays as I won’t pass up work.

  2. Some very good thinking-points!! Ones I will be pondering the rest of my life, and eeking to address.

    The Nations can be healed, only the effort is needed.

    But our Sovereignty, yes, that must be addressed.

    • Too many merely follow rather than think, too many accept rather
      than reject, too many do nothing rather than something meaningful
      in their communities.

      • Well I want to KNOW, and I’ve never been a good ‘sheep’, and while I know the spirit of the Nations has been hurt…it’s worth fighting for to rekindle.
        There’s things in the past that must be let go of–but others that demand redress.

        Like the burying of nuclear waste on Tribal Lands, for one.
        Warriors Protect & Provide. I take that seriously. To me, this is about our people now, and those to be born.
        This is about the Family of The Nations.

      • The great disappointment and betrayal that became AIM was that it could
        have truly been a people’s movement addressing the needs of the people
        first and foremost.
        For it to have been that the decisions it made and directions it took
        should have been the result of access and input, at least from it’s
        membership – in doing so it would have been representative.
        Greed and ego surplanted that and it became a vehicle for the criminal
        leadership to enrich themselves – no input, no access to the decision
        making process.
        A marked decline began in the sixties with the formation of AIM and
        all manner of abuses incrementally increased.
        What it means to be a warrior, to provide and protect has morphed into
        something unrecognizable in the traditional sense.
        These and many other issues need to be redressed, and it all must begin
        in our communities – if it isn’t nothing changes.

      • I hve nothing to add, you summed things Exactly. But, AIM does provide a lesson in how NOT to do things, so there’ that at least. A warning to future generations that their path is disastrous.

        There is The First Native Nations, quiet and formed on Traditional principles, by WW2 Native Veteran right at the end of WW2.

        I’m still learning about it all, but I do know they have NO kind words for AIM and indeed consider them enemies of the Nations, and when one looks at all AIM has done damage wise…AIM is the definition of “we have met the enemy and he is us”.
        Huband is involved with the FNN, and the Open-Source Licensing of our energy project is a pretty huge statement of FNN Principles…considering the Billions of $$ in Royalties INTENTIONALLY forsaken??
        Put the $$ where one’s mouth is, Indeed, right? πŸ™‚

      • FNN sounds worthy – There is another organization by the name of Kiva that
        assists individuals in smaller ventures people should be aware of.

      • The FNN, I would agree as they were Founded on solid, traditional Principles and stand by them.
        Kiva, I will look up and TY for mentioning! In the future, once we get rolling with our company, we’d like to have our company work with Kiva to further it’s reach.

      • “In the future, once we get rolling with our company, we’d like to have our
        company work with Kiva to further it’s reach.”

        Speaks well of you.

      • Thank-You! πŸ™‚
        Our company, it’s about more than money. It’s about building a platform for our Peoples, like a raft in a river the People are adrift in, for them to stand on.
        Our Company Charter, is a work-in-progress, based on Traditional views and principles.

        We’re not building this for ourselves, but for us, you, our children, our Peoples.
        If The People of The Nations are to stand and walk again…they will need something to stand on.
        Husband and I have very wealthy friends, and they live in Gold Cages, trapped by their own wealth. For ourselves, we only want to be financially secure. Money, like water, is necessary…but too much, and it drowns you.
        We don’t want to be ‘thirsty’ but we have NO interest in drowning ourselves. πŸ˜€

        In time, one thing we will do is establish Learning Center communities that will keep the Traditions alive, and Really alive, not mere ‘dumb-rote’ of such. One of such per Nation and one ‘University’ of such that encompasses those of all Nations.

        Hopefully we will also inspire others to build ones like Kiva even as we work with Kiva. πŸ™‚
        It will be a Life’s work, and our kids will carry it on after us, but anything worth doing takes time.

      • Ultimately it is about paying it forward, even if done from one’s
        own need.
        I remember the poverty as a child, and the communal care and
        generosity of those sharing the same poverty, the same needs.
        Great concern for the young and elderly, the lessons and values
        my mother and family members taught by their own examples.
        No one is so poor they have nothing offer, if only being there
        as a friend, a shoulder to lean on – no one so wealthy they have
        no obligation.
        What is produced in a garden can be shared if money cannot.
        Likewise skills and talents, paying it forward however one
        can makes a difference, and the more who do the more can
        be changed….doing so should also be a life’s work.

      • Again, beautifully said! Also, doing such things, is the only real way to lead to a better life for all of us in this world.
        Animals, even they know it…I’ve seen more than a few stories of dogs leaving food in their bowl…for a cat friend who the Humans didn’t know was around.
        Our Ulysses, a streetcat we adopted…he always leaves some of his food in his bowl for the others…which explains why he was semi-starved when we adopted him.

      • The resident hounds, Hotame, Winter, and Sia seem to be likewise inclined,
        no squabbles over food – in fact I have to smile at times when there are
        three bowls of food and they all eat first from one then the other.
        Hotame wandered in out of the woods a couple of years ago battle scarred
        and very thin, to this day bristles at the sound of coyotes and shame
        on one who ventures too close.
        We assume he had an encounter with a pack or two during his wandering,
        something personal now between he and they – big dog, and very protective
        of what he considers his pack and the communal territory.
        Let a suspicion arise, or a perceived threat and the three of them present
        a formidable phalanx of raised hackles and bared teeth, but friendly and gentle
        with all otherwise-even tolerate a squirrel making off with a nugget or two
        of their food.
        No cats, though the topic arises on occasion, a very real possibility they
        would be seen as what’s for supper by area predators both winged and pawed.

      • They sound like a good bunch! πŸ˜€ No argument, given how they have no issue with squirrels joining in dinner. πŸ™‚
        It does sound like he did, definitely, only something like that is why a dog carries a grudge.

        Cats, I have agree, yes. An unfortunate fact of life, but a fact nonetheless. All ours are indoor cats, but they have a house-connected enclosure/play area so they can safely get fresh air as they like.

        Achilles, our dog and Hector, our neighbour’s dog get along like father and son, so there’s a ‘doggie’ door in the fence, and they keep watch on both yards. Hector is some kind of Timbershepherd…he’s a shelter pup so no one knows. Achilles is a Timbershepherd-Husky mix and when something is ‘not good’, like Wolves, heads down, tails limp, and The Look.
        That aside, like yours, good-natured puppies. πŸ˜€ And given to typical canine goofery now and then πŸ™‚
        Not sure how they feel about Coyotes, but thus far none have dared test either yard.
        That’s for the best, as if our dogs are in a fight, they’ll have armed Human backup, they’re Family, so this s not aa good place for Coyotes to come and make trouble.
        I have NP with Coyotes, actually I appreciate them quite highly and often see them out in the wilderlands, but anyone attacking my family sees no mercy, and will face my 7 inch Kabar.
        But, I sincerely hope I never have to kill an animal in such circumstances.

      • Women with knives, no offense intended but I have to smile a little as it
        makes me think of grandmother who carries one that belonged to her
        grandfather – old and well used but kept honed.
        Kind of her version of a Swiss army knife as she uses it for a variety
        of purposes from cutting herbs and medicinals in her gatherings, to the
        garden and the kitchen – often a substitute for scissors as well.
        I tease her at times as being a ninja in disguise, fortunately she has
        a great sense of humor.
        There was a time when all our women had knives, part of the “tool kit”
        defensively, offensively, and for camp related chores.
        Coyotes are exceptionally intelligent and their group sings at night
        have a primordial feel to them – they belong as much as any other
        living thing.
        Usually a barometer related to wolves – if wolves are in the area
        coyotes clear out if not denned up as wolves won’t tolerate them
        if they consider an area theirs.

      • Sorry for delay, wordpress is changing their layout…so I’m a bit lost. The ‘improved’ notifications drop down…it’s a LOT less useful than it was.
        NO offense taken!! None at all! πŸ™‚
        Your Grandmother sounds awesome!! Give her a hug for me! πŸ˜€
        Knives…the ‘Universal Tool’. Hers, they sound and feel as they are as much part of her as her hands and fingers. No others would be ‘right’ for her, y’know? Especially as one is an Heirloom.
        Well, at least all the women I know personally, every last one of them carries a knife. Granted, most are Swiss Army or Leatherman tools…but they never go anywhere without them, and more than a few also carry lockblades for when heavier tasks come up. All are worn from long use, tools used every day. I’m the same, old SA knife (and I have actually used the corkscrew for it’s intended use and many other tasks!) as well as a Kershaw lockblade with a 3.5 inch blade…that little blade is one of the best things I ever bought and it’s definitely part of me. My Kabar, well, it’s seen it’s fair share of use also, but is my go-to for Defense…or when dealing with modern packaging now and then that is near indestructible in opening such.

        Coyotes, agreed on thir smarts, and they are incredibly adaptable!! I’ve seen them here in town using crosswalks…after waiting for the ‘walk’ signal. First time I saw that, I asked hubby if he saw it too because I just could not believe it!!
        The Wolves here have a small area, as they’re still a small pack, so Coyotes abound. In the future, I guess we’ll see, but for now, we listen to them sing when it’s warm enough to be out on the deck, like summer. Back when I lived in the city…I had no idea what I was missing out on. The small ‘city’ we live in, is about as ‘urban’ as I can tolerate…big cities, like Edmonton, only for a few hours….too noisy and I have really developed an aversion to exhaust smell from cars.

  3. I’m not sure I like the new layout and keep switching back
    to “classic” – creature of habit I suppose.
    No apologies necessary and no pressure to respond.
    I’ve been making knives for some time now, some knapped.
    Sold a couple but never intended it to be a commercial venture
    so I make them now and again for family and friends.
    Don’t have much use for cities and tend to view visiting
    one as a day at the zoo, small towns are okay, less traffic, less
    noise, less of everything.
    There are good people in all places, but towns and cities just
    aren’t where I want to be.

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