1. This is similar to what I wrote you about my grandfather’s death having been ruled a suicide w/ two gunshots that both went through his brain (not grazing or through the jaw) & him having been refusing to pay protection money for two weeks prior. And then the police refusing to investigate.

    Likewise it seems impossible that Johnny Moore could injure & kill himself in the manner described; by cutting his face & slicing his own throat.

    I feel so sorry for this brother from Maine. Leaving one of our little tiny very quiet beautiful wooded fishing towns to end up alone & terrified like this. I wish he & Annie had stayed home. I live on the New England shore & I know what they left behind – so it really makes me sad.

    The other obvious thing is just like the missing First Nation girls & women now; the rest of America doesn’t seem to care. Where is the outrage? And the AIM groupies & lionisers are weirdly part of that demographic that doesn’t care. It’s so hypocritical – it’s surreal. They would rather keep their fantasy.

    • There are multiple questions surrounding the death of Jacinta Eagle
      Deer, a young woman/girl who was raped by Bill Janklow one time
      governor of SD – something I’ve blogged about.
      America hasn’t cared unless there were the now seemingly obligatory
      posters/photos of the previously mentioned buxom babes with wolves
      and eagles or warriors with six pack abs, and a sad social commentary
      that fantasies and lies have a greater value for some over the truth.
      Obviously Moore’s death wasn’t suicide, but what’s another dead ndn
      in the land of the free where all are created equal and endowed with
      certain inalienable rights?

  2. Johnny Moore was my brother.. I appreciate your article and know that you must have spoken with my mother Jean, who passed in July of 2011. Your information is quite accurate. My brother had told my mother 3 days prior to his death that he had become disillusioned with AIM and would be leaving…

    • While Johnny’s murder would have fallen under state jurisdiction I’ve stated often in the blog
      i believe there was a strategy in place involving the feds I’ve referred to as “the attrition
      of time when it came to prosecuting the AIM leadership – stall, delay, speak of ongoing
      investigations long enough and when they all pass on case closed without ever being held to
      account.Exactly the way it has played out.
      I also believe one or all of the leadership “snitched” as it served them and believe that was
      proven when it came to Means and the revelation he “had assisted law enforcement” in certain
      I’m sorry that Johnny lost his life but his disillusionment and desire to leave speak to a new
      direction he was taking – and that in my opinion is worthy of respect and a call for justice for
      Johnny and his family.
      I regret your mother didn’t live to see a justice and closure still missing though I’m convinced she
      understood the “court of public opinion” came to know and understand AIM and it’s leaderships
      true character – I believe a degree of justice exists in that.
      Be well and stay strong.

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