16 comments on “DEPRAVITY

  1. Ok. But I add a “like” to it in that I generally agree with what you’re saying overall in the blog. ( Will Mr. Ed match this “like?” )

    Does anyone besides me see the inconsistencies in what you write? When it comes to AIM and Peltier, you’re “Pro-Government,” and would like to see the FED’S use their illegal wire taps to prosecute AIM ( thus giving immunity to their own criminal actions) while giving side bar endorsements to the likes of CRIMINALS such as Mr. Ed Woods and Trimbach, yet you’re anti NSA/ Gov. when it’s not AIM related? So you’re down with the fabricated Poor Bear Affidavits, the coercing of witnesses, and the manipulating of physical evidence when it comes to Peltier but if it’s done to someone else than it’s “wrong,” and needs to be addressed? Trimbach committing perjury on the stand regarding illegal wiretaps in Wounded Knee? No problems.” He’s one of us. He’s on the anti- Peltier/AIM team so he’s ok.” So let’s address your illusion of “everyone must pay.” If you use the FED’S wiretaps then tell me how it is that THEY THEMSELVES are going to pay? Even though their operatives were directly involved?

    • Rather than seeing inconsistencies as all AIM/Peltier supporters claim one would think
      you and they would be like that kid in the movie The Sixth Sense, who saw dead people
      everywhere, as in AIM’s murder victims.

      You’re still grasping at straws and running on fumes SB – if you want to accuse me
      of inconsistencies let’s review a few of your own as in:

      You go on about the welfare of our children and yet have nothing to say about
      the examples AIM has set – nothing to say about justice and closure for the children
      of Annie Mae Pictou Aquash, Perry Ray Robinson jr., or any of the other children of
      AMI’s victims.

      You present yourself as a person who prays and is a firekeeper, yet you defend Crow Dog’s
      selling ceremonies and murderers.

      You quote Hendricks and go mute when others provide quotes from his book that castigate

      You attempt to characterize Matthew King as a dyed in the wool AIM supporter and yet it
      is he who advised the feds that there were as many as a dozen fresh graves at WK2 courtesy
      of AIM.

      You denounce the feds as murderers and yet seek to absolve those whose finger was on
      the trigger.

      The “fabricated” Myrtle Poor Bear affidavits are open to dispute, as a great many know
      Peltier was involved with her and that the switch in her testimony is no doubt the result
      of coercion….that would be AIM threats.
      Not withstanding all that Canada has explicitly stated throughout the years that Peltier
      was extradited legally, something else you never mention.
      I have said in the past that if Trimbach did in fact lie under oath he should or should
      have been held to account – I have also said more times than I can count that ALL with
      any degree of complicity should likewise be held to account – you haven’t said the same
      so much as a single time – that speaks to a “pro” mindset that has zero interest in justice.

      When it comes to “coercing of witnesses” that is a standard practce of AIMs, too many have
      said it be so, that they and or their families and children were threatened by AIM.

      You drone on about “ballistics” and yet refuse to acknowledge that during an evidentiary
      hearing related to that LPDOCs so called “ballistics expert” offered not a single word or
      contradictory finding as evidence.

      Why do you suppose that is? Could it be they had nothing substantial to offer, that the
      “expert” was merely window dressing so the LPDOC claim could be maintained?

      These things combined raises the question who endorses criminals? Who endorses murderers,
      thieves, rapists, and liars? Would it be me or you?
      If not you then join me in saying ALL with any level of complicity need to be held to
      account, fed operative, or AIM making no difference.
      The standard of justice should be that any evidence gathered “legally” should be introduced
      and acted upon – conversely any that isn’t shouldn’t be allowed.
      That should be straight forward enough for you understand – but I’ll take it a step further
      and say I believe ample evidence exists for many in the leadership to have been tried and
      convicted – yet they were not. And the question for me is WHY?

      Peltier attempts to float the idea that the reason (charges) for his conviction
      were changed – yet one need only look at the original wanted poster that specifically states
      he was wanted for murder and or aiding and abetting said murders – the identical charges
      stipulated on the indictments he faced in court.

      You haven’t a single leg to stand on and the reason why you never answer a problematic
      question and rather than attempt to discuss on your own merit or merit of a position you take
      you resort to links about OKC and whatever you believe will misdirect.
      As you once said to me “tick tock”……the clock is ticking and nobody hears it louder than

      I am pro sovereignty for the nations, pro crime free healthy communities for the nations, pro
      infrastructure, jobs, economic opportunity for the nations, pro education and a level
      playing field for our children.
      I have never been, nor will I ever be anything but anti anything or anyone who obstructs
      the realization of such things- especially those among us like the poverty pimping criminal
      AIM leadership.

      I’m curious SB,, does the murder of innocents bother you at all, or do you merely view
      them as acceptable collateral damage as long as they are AIM victims?

      Adding a like? Ground breaking, and something I don’t think your boys are going to appreciate
      related to anything on this blog.

    • Can’t help but notice how over time the list of victims has dropped in numbers.
      It was once claimed there were literally hundreds, then it went to somewhere in the
      sixties, and now down to fifty – that due I imagine to a list of actual investigations
      and findings.
      Kind of odd isn’t it that the “lists” presented as a matter of rote fail to contain
      the names of AIMs victims – but then since the list emanates from them that’s to be
      expected isn’t it?

  2. AMY GOODMAN: What is your response to the FBI that campaigns against your release?

    LEONARD PELTIER: Oh, they’re full—they’re full of crap. You know, they’re the ones that should be investigated for all the murders they committed on Pine Ridge. They supported that, those killings. They financed it. They gave intelligence and armor-piercing ammunition and sophisticated weaponry. This was all done—this was all stated by Duane Brewer, who was one of the leaders of the GOON squads on the reservation. So, I mean, they’re the ones who should be investigated, which, by the way, some—I might add now, some of the Indians and one state senator—state senators in South Dakota are now calling for an investigation on that. They are going to put it together. And the son of Tim Johnson, who is an attorney in one of the—in the attorney general’s office in South Dakota—Tim Johnson is a congressman over there. His son is going to lead that investigation.

    AMY GOODMAN: And what’s the significance of that?

    LEONARD PELTIER: Well, to put the murderers in jail. I mean, that’s the way I look at it. I mean—

    • Another glaring inconsistency on your behalf SB – you won’t join the call for all
      with complicity to be held accountable? But at least you’re consistently inconsistent.
      Hasn’t this so called investigation come to naught? Never even got off the ground?
      Been dropped?
      Peltier and his “sophisticated weaponry” – next thing you know he’ll be claiming
      there were drone strikes – at this point after so many lies emanating from the
      “warrior” it’s more than obvious he no longer knows what he means….if he ever

  3. You can’t expect that an investigation where the FED’s are investigation themselves to go too far. That’s like trying to get a D.A or a grand jury to indict a crooked cop. It’s not going to happen. They would need to bring in an independent investigator and or the World court. As far as “holding everyone accountable,” I thought I had a good idea. Let Peltier out and put an FBI agent in. Maybe the one that handled the operatives that were complicit with Annie Mae and Ray? Peltier has already done 40 years and no FBI has done 1 minute despite their multitude of crimes. Judge Heaney said they were equally responsible for the fire fight and recommended Clemency for Peltier but that hasn’t happened yet so maybe an FBI agent needs to go in? Maybe they could track down which FED’S issued the weapons to the GOONS and put these guilty parties in jail? And yes, this is true, I saw the Duane Brewer interview myself in which he admitted this. Here’s a question. I wonder who has the tapes of the FBI handlers and their operatives? Maybe there was a double agent who wore a wire? ” You need to go in there in instigate this and that so we could take down AIM. Pit this one against that one. Create suspicion about that one. Make her look like a FED so they take her out.” So that’s my New Years wish. Let Peltier out and put the responsible FED’S in. Here’s Judge Heaney’s exact words courtesy of your hero, Mr. Ed:

    • To begin with a great many of my “heroes” are from yesteryear (not a single one
      to be found in AIM), and among those I count as heroes in the present are elders
      I know and staunch tradition based people.
      Heroes like a single parent doing their best to provide and hold a family together.
      Heroes like the person who has struggled with alcohol or addictive substances, overcame
      them and went on to be a better person -perhaps even to mentor our youth.
      Rape or abuse victims who have been able to pull it all back together and move on.
      The abused child who in turn doesn’t become an abuser.
      Heroes who aren’t resigned to being on the dole and will walk miles to work or work
      for what amounts to slave wages if that’s what it takes as I have done in the past,
      though I don’t consider myself a hero in any sense of the word, just determined.
      Heroes who don’t attempt to beguile or absolve on the basis of paranoia or complicity.
      Heroes who give instead of take.
      I would no more expect an internal investigation by any government agency to be forthright
      or transparent than the AIM “tribunals”- or that so called internal investigation launched
      by Dennis Banks into the murder of Annie.
      Judge Heaney said a lot of things, among them that he believed Peltier received a fair trial,
      so I assume on the face of his own words one could say he has been “inconsistent” wouldn’t
      you agree?
      As to pitting one against the other the AIM leadership hasn’t needed an outside influence to
      do so – they are noted for it- a classic example is the standoff at Ajo, Arizona between factions.
      Another would be the way they’ve gone about pitting their groupies against traditional leadership
      and beliefs.
      The way they carved out territory and zealously guarded it as in Russell Means saying nothing
      AIM related could take place on PR without his consent. If true then the implication clearly
      is he was complicit in the murders of Annie, Ray, and those in unmarked graves resulting from
      WK2 isn’t it?
      Russell Means, an egotistical, bloated Neanderthal with a caveman mentality who attempted
      to foist himself off as an authority and believer in matriarchy….his final scam that as a
      revenue venture has turned to ash much the same as he has.
      Inserting moles into opposing camps is as old as humanity itself and to be expected – that
      isn’t to say it’s right, rather something “spiritually based” intelligent leadership should
      be aware of and not begin the wholesale slaughter of innocents merely because they were
      Another obvious truth is you start killing people that draws attention and somebody will be
      coming to take a closer look.
      We’re talking self aggrandizing dunces SB, thugs, not Mensa candidates, warriors, liberators,
      or any other bogus label they’ve bestowed upon themselves.

      “Maybe the one that handled the operatives that were complicit with Annie Mae and Ray?”

      In this quote and your usage of the term complicit it very easily translates to a recognition
      that AIM was complicit, for if the “handler” was complicit who and what were they complicit with
      other than the murder and those whose finger were on the trigger? And whose finger was on the
      trigger? AIM via the minions they sent.
      So are you saying that yes, AIM is complicit and shares the guilt, or do you have some other
      “explanation” that will in your eyes absolve them?
      You could go far in addressing the inconsistencies of your opinions if you would in your
      proclaimed desire and devotion to justice merely join me in saying ANY and All with any level
      of complicity need to be held to account.
      Of course that isn’t going to happen inspite of all the pretense of your interest is justice,
      and no doubt you would fall from grace with your boys, your heroes. If you didn’t have them and
      Peltier for your musical schtick you might find yourself walking miles to work or standing in a
      soup line down at the local mission.
      That walking to work? It’s what got me into running, I got their quicker, and the health benefits
      are obvious, kind of clears your mind as well – maybe you ought to try it, running that is, as I
      wouldn’t wish the soup line on anyone.

  4. Sounds good. I was attempting to be sarcastic when I said that Mr. Ed was your” hero.” I’ll have to go back to your blog. I don’t believe that he made your hero list but as far as I could tell his side bar endorsement ( that he begged for) is still intact? As far as me making money off Peltier I’d say the opposite is true. I bet I’ve been turned down for more jobs than been hired because of my support for Leonard etc..He has inspired some good songs that I stand behind but far from any big sales. It’s funny that you mentioned walking. It was -8 here last night so it doesn’t look like biking weather so a walk to the store it is. Here’s a tune I’ll hum on the way. Pete Seeger was the first human being on the planet to hear it. We didn’t get to perform it at the concert for Leonard but maybe I’ll record it this year and those doors will finally open for him?
    https://soundcloud.com/silent-bear/freedom road

    • High yesterday of about 4 and low hovering around -14 last night.
      About three or four today and will be lower tonight but I still run,
      just takes a little longer to stretch before starting out.
      Makes it a different game when working but always something to do
      as the weather takes a toll that creates needs.
      Biking, walking, running, or any physical exercise does a body good.
      Had a friend that decided he wanted to lift weights and asked me to
      join him, since I do a lot of lifting and lugging doing the work I do
      didn’t make any sense to me to put in a full day and then go home and
      lift more weight. After a couple of weeks he gave it up anyway.
      As to the doors finally opening the hope seems to be centered on Obama
      just as it was with Clinton, if the past is prologue that may not bode
      well for the believers.
      But I think Obama is doing the end of term scramble to enhance his
      legacy just as all presidents do and I wouldn’t be surprised if he did
      grant a pardon or clemency.
      Personally I don’t believe it will promote an across the board “healing”
      among the nations – a step in that direction would be to oust AIM, a
      cutting off the head of the snake so to speak.
      As you once commented, tick tock. The clock is ticking and nobody hears
      it louder than Peltier.
      From what I’ve read in the fifties and sixties there were what was referred
      to as “payola”, a system where radio stations would be paid under the table
      to feature certain recording artists and songs – if you keep inserting plugs
      for your songs we might need to arrive at a similar agreement.
      An aside related to Keystone, if you’re following the manuverings I suspect
      it will be approved not far into the new year, and Obama will do the he’s against
      it but can’t do anything just as he has about net neutrality after appointing
      Wheeler to head the FCC.
      So much for that pen and cell phone he goes on about.

  5. Yes. The walk was good. Good to get the full body moving as opposed to just fingers on a keyboard. The track I posted is a demo and is being offered for free and is not being sold anywhere so I don’t know if payola applies? When was the last time you heard a song about Peltier on a main stream radio station? Amy Goodman and the NPR crew are the only ones that play such songs. Yes, let’s see what Obama will do as far as his legacy goes? He should free Leonard and if he caves on the Pipeline it will be a major blight. The new Republican senate will certainly push for it. So far he’s talked against it so we’ll see? It would be a strong statement if he veto’d it Well, Happy New Year to you. One thing Pete was big on is “we have to learn how to talk with people we disagree with.” Maybe there is something to this? Maybe this is what will lead to this “healing?”

    • Well, Steve van Zandt (little stevie) did one and someone else I can’t recall, but they didn’t
      or haven’t gotten much airtime.
      The lack of talking with someone you disagree with has been a major factor in the political
      and social realm – but there are times too when talking becomes an exercise in futility and
      better to move on.
      As I said previously Seeger’s influence was undeniable, and though I never met him believe
      he was a good man. I don’t agree with every position he took but recognize his right to do so.
      Happy new year to you and yours.

  6. Wanted to add re the Huff link before moving on that I’m a little surprised
    to see an admission that quacks exist within the APA, an organization
    that increasingly seeks to define nearly every human response or
    emotion as a syndrome – a treatable syndrome if only people will
    avail themselves of their expertise, sort of a feathering of the
    APA nest.
    A pyschologist I happen to know once said psychology isn’t a science,
    it is an “art form”. Apparently like art it has it’s “movements”, fads, commercial
    aspect, and practioners qualifying as adepts and quacks.
    Like art it’s beauty or value may lay in the eye of the beholder, but
    it seems to me that if years of “counselling/treatment/ analysis”
    is the way of it of person might as well check into a group home
    or one of those trendy rehab centers.
    Mental or emotional illness are serious issues and I’m not making
    light them….but seriously, everything is a “syndrome” that requires
    being medicated or asked how does something make you feel?

  7. Partisanship and mindless, repetitive rhetoric are the quicksand we find ourselves in. We live in a very dangerous world and perhaps there are no good solutions…

    • I’m not privy to the governmental inner sanctum, but I know there are
      complex issues, yet I tend to think that at least for some issues there
      exists simple common sense solutions – solutions routinely portrayed
      as the needle in the haystack due to their lack of agreement with agendas,
      policies, and corporate influence.

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