1. bearspawprint – asked grandfather about the possibility of manipulating
    the weather by wearing “the” shirt – he thought about it for a minute and
    with a smile said if it gets much colder he may have to see if it will.

  2. Down here in North East Florida, February is always the worst. It’s not February yet. Time to think up funny stories … like the time Jim Millers Indian bike kicked him back (kick starter on his motorcycle), put him in a tree …. Jim didn’t weigh but 100 pounds. Maybe. Or when I dug a hole and buried the baby diapers ’cause I just couldn’t wash them after I waited three days in August. I used my first husband’s tee shirts after that. Then my gold fish bowl froze on the kitchen table. Solid. Was quite beautiful till it thawed ….. yes, another cuppa somthin hot would be wonderful 🙂 Thank you for all that you have done.

    • Tee shirts diapers, too funny. I imagine there are fathers who will read this, cringe
      at the thought, and wish you hadn’t said that. But parenting is a shared responsibility
      and they’ll just have to grin and bear it.
      Frozen goldfish – add some frozen vegetables and you have the makings of one of those
      prepackaged frozen dinners, sort of a if life gives you lemons then make lemonade thing.
      Anthropologists may uncover that diaper burial ground in the distant future and speculate
      as to it’s meaning- entire treatises written about it.

      • Haha This was cloth that I buried, not those indestructible throw-aways. In August, at 100 degrees plus, in three days in a bucket of water, they were close to , well never mind. There is no evidence left.

        I love to tell the sorts of stories and ask elders the sort of questions that get the words flowing … “make do” reminiscences are often funny…. years later … when the work of it is done, and the hardships endured can be a source of pride. There is more to that diaper story. Probably only women, older WOMEN, would find amusing. I had to be creative in how I coerced my handsome, but lazy, young husband to do what needed doing.

        Unfortunely I had a hyacinth on the bowl with the one little fish. Those water plants that are invasive , and clog waterways, here in Florida, but are very beautiful. They filter the water with their roots, and gold fish are messy … the plant reduced my cleaning work and provided beauty. But, it was found that while (cattle) animals can eat them as fodder, they make the meat toxic to humans. When the bowl began to thaw it shattered. Glass shards and water everywhere, dead blackened plant, slimy tiny carp … handsome husband elsewhere .. an infant and a toddler, my cold hungry little boys … But Oh!! therte was sunlight coming in an east window … sparkles and rainbows frost still on the window … the glass was like crystals … the morning light bluish … so beautiful, so dangerous … I am still grateful for having been gifted that light, those colors … ⭐

      • I didn’t know that hyacinth made meat toxic, a nice aspect of life that is
        there is always something new to learn each day.
        Very poetic way in the describing that even a dark cloud can at times have
        a silver lining.
        Making do, the mother of invention, that in itself can become a source of
        pride as you say. People shouldn’t have to make do but in rising to the
        occasion they define themselves in a positive way.
        Appreciate the stories and in reading them to grandfather he had a good
        a laugh.

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