25 comments on “AIM, THE CPUSA AND CPC

    • That’s twenty eight known – I suppose there could be others in view
      of Banks “elk medicine”.
      The only thing missing from AIM’s rag banner is a hammer and sickle.
      Word is there could have been at least one more for Russell Means
      if an abortion wasn’t pursued to keep his “reputation/celebrity”

  1. Reblogged this on undiscoveredrealms and commented:
    AIM’s ties to the CPUSA and CPC from George Roberts, AIM’s West Coast drug, guns, and money man to Canada’s Vernon Harper who entertained John Graham the trigger man in the murder of Annie Mae Pictou Aquash as a “house guest” in 1983 are well documented and undeniable.

    Harper at one point during an interview in 2003 states that he knows Graham was involved despite his denials that he wasn’t but “knew what was going on”.

    So much for the Graham lie of he took Annie to a “safe house” and satisfied she was safe moved on if he knew what was going on.

    So much for Graham’s tale of DNA samples being taken from a park bench he was sitting on to “set” him up – a story so ridiculous I can’t imagine a child buying into it – yet some apparently with a lesser IQ and more gullible than a child have not only bought into it but promoted it as well with the feckless qualifier of it being Graham’s “truth” rather than calling it what it is, Graham’s lie – one of an endless stream.

    • It has always struck me as a great contradiction for those presenting
      themselves as being a spokesperson for the nations missing no
      opportunity address the lack of sovereignty to in turn crawl in
      bed with any oppressive nation or ideology that subjugates it’s
      It speaks to a willingness among the AIM leadership to prostitute
      themselves for money and their total disdain for all the nations
      are and have been.
      Thank you for the reblog.

      • YW! And I have noticed that, yes…and it’s…troublesome. But it also exposes the character of those doing so.
        I speak for Sovereignty, and we can not have that by laying with those who deny it to their own.

      • 4th monkey…I love how you think! Good one also…that really should be one of such! More and more, I’m getting a good handle on this snakepit of idiocy called AIM…basically, they’re Liberal-Socialists playing at being Natives it seems to me…they’re all about the $$.

      • In another blog I don’t recall the name of at the moment a
        very artistic sister did a drawing a depicting a rez dog
        expressing his opinion of various books authored by
        the “warriors” and “liberators” by shredding and urinating
        on them – as time and responsibilities allow she has
        consented to do one of the 4th monkey.
        My term of choice for the AIM leadership is grifters,
        there are others but that seems to convey the reality.

      • Some day, when/if time permits, I’d like to build a central-navigation ‘hub’ to all the sites/blogs that are as hers, yours and others similar. To make it easier for people to Learn about us, and to increase our shadow over AIM.

      • A central hub would be a good idea – the number of sites and people addressing these
        issues is growing, but it remains after four plus decades a matter of catching up.
        AIM has had a big head start and played every angle.

      • I won’t disagree, but they are their own worst enemy, and will be fully exposed as the charlatans and parasites they are.
        The Hub will help, and perhaps a Grand Meeting, annually could be done also…one kept free of AIM, where Elders are properly venerated, knowledge shared…

      • While there are those who do it would be a good thing if more
        indigenous journalists would not only address the issues but
        illustrate the linkage as well.
        It would be a good thing if the mainstream media would as well,
        apparently they believe it would either be politically incorrect
        or they would be accused of racism.
        Speaking to a reality or calling frauds a fraud has nothing to do
        with being politically incorrect or racist – it has to due with
        journalistic integrity.

      • True, very true…but there might be some rather ‘rogue-ish’ journalists we might be able to enlist the aid of… Ezra Levant is one, he exposed The Indian Act to the world after all.

      • I’m not all that familiar with LeVant, but I know he opposed
        an affirmative action program of hiring women and Indigenous
        teachers at a Canadian university.
        Whether he maintains that position is also something I’m not
        familiar with.
        Later this evening I’ll scout the net and see if I can find
        related information.

      • Ably assisted by those who jokingly refer to themselves as the “secretary
        A self assigned position as I’m out working the majority of the time and
        a big help as it expands search parameters and different approaches.
        My hope is they make no attempt to unionize.

      • Weird thing about cats is if they’re in you lap they always seem to want to
        stick their “rump” in your face or that general direction. I thought maybe
        it was just a personal statement directed at me but others have confirmed
        the behavior….. an element of relief in their having done so.

    • Thank you again – happen to have a couple of friends
      who are attornies, one tribal and one not, they along
      with a group of us are brainstorming about launching
      several FOI attempts related to the obscure and not so
      obscure, in some cases going for what may have been
      overlooked or dismissed.
      Fine tuning the paperwork and focusing on which we
      think could bear the most fruit, then it’s on.

      • Actually bumped heads with Boyden a time or two if we’re talking
        about Richard Boyden, he came roaring into the blog in effect
        accusing me of going softball with John Trudell.
        Trudell by the way has just passed away from cancer, knew he
        had been ill for a while.
        Wish he would have revealed who he believed was the provocateur
        he has spoken about on multiple occasions.

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